Saturday, October 18, 2008

You keep me going!

Thank you for all your prayers and support...please keep it up. I was able to teach two Friday Nights in a row and that was a wonderful privilege for me. My energy levels are pretty good. My white blood cell counts are still low (keep praying them up) which keeps me from being around a lot of people, especially if they are sick or have been exposed to anyone sick. I wear a doctor's mask (after all I am a Doctor of Philosophy...hee hee..) before and after services and whenever I go into places where there are lots of people. You should see the reaction I get at the bank when I walk in with my mask on (do you want it all in large bills?...just kidding)...also people see me with that mask and walk several feet around me hoping they don't catch anything (I find that interesting). But, overall, the Lord has been very gracious to me. I haven't had to have a blood transfusion since I got out of the hospital and my overall health has been good. Every once and a while I get my eyes off the Lord and start thinking my life is going to be required of me here real soon and then I weep a bit, but the Lord helps me to not feel sorry for myself (it is really just the thought of leaving my loved ones that makes me sad) and God reminds me that we all have only so many days here on planet earth anyway and that my eternal destiny in Him is secure and my job is to just live out each moment He gives me to the fullest and leave the rest to Him. So that is what I am doing... and your love and support and prayers help keep me going. Please pray that all my blood counts would go to the normal range, that God would heal me miraculously and that He will keep me healthy enough to teach Sunday November 5th and then be able to go see my son, Mikey (in Oregon), wrestle November 14th through the 28th enjoying thanksgiving with him and his new wife Shae and the relatives. My prayer for you today is that God would give you a real peace regardless of what you are going through, knowing that as you rest in Him, He guards and protects your heart and mind. He is forever faithful to all who love Him and in His right hand is life eternal, a gift of love that no one can take from you because you believe in His one and only Son.

I love you dearly and I thank God everyday for your prayers and support!


Anonymous said...

you ARE loved my friend.
thank you for sharing your wife and daughter tonight. their relationship is truly sisterhood as God intended. it is a pleasure to watch them love everyone around them while they are there for each other too. i really love the women in your life :).
the nichols will kick it into praying gear again for you. thanks for your prayers on naphs behalf too. love how you guys love her.

bob h. said...

thanx "Doc" for your heart and your words and your perseverance.
we will be praying diligently for you and your journey to Oregon.
we love you bro!!!

Anonymous said...

Kit I will continue to pray for you and your family.
You are my Brother!!! Thank you!

May the LORD continue to heal you completely.

Love Ben Anderson


Ron and Barbara said...

Kit, Thank You again for your words of wisdom. We think and pray for you and those around you constantly.

You may have already seen this...

love, R&B

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Even Mikaela is praying for you, in her own words now. "tanks for papa kit", a very, very special thing to hear and witness a little child going before the Father. We love you so, so much and will especially keep your "oregon trip" in our prayers, for sweet time with Mikey & Shae. Feel our HUGS!!

The Wedding Editor said...

Dear Kit,thanks for your message! I will be praying for you and the trip to Oregon. Your blog is such an inspiration that I am going to share it with all the Waipuna members:)
Love & miss you, Robyn
(Robyn + Halii Iaea and the kids)