Monday, July 6, 2009


Every July 4th, the city of Greenville, Texas has a parade on Park Street (which happens to be the street that my grandma lives on).  It has been a Lauer family tradition for about the last five years or so to get together on that week and to watch the parade.  Jeff, being the radio personality type that he is, videos and makes commentary on the parade.  It's quite fun and makes us all laugh. Aferwards, we play games and eat good food.  My dad always enjoyed it too. He was very much missed by us all this year. 

Parkstreet Parade

Jeff's videography :)

Interviewing Mr. Hutchins (aka "Big Earl")

Abigail and Caleb Hutchins wearing "Run for Kit" shirts.

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Karen and Joe said...

I'm loving your posts about the big Lauer family reunion, your mom's bday and the small town 4th of July. I hope you keep them going. It helps me stay connected to you all. I felt such joy seeing your pictures and seeing what you are up to. I pray for continued comfort for you all.

We love you and miss you and your dear daddy.
Karen for the Johnsons