Monday, July 6, 2009



Sorry it's been a little while since we've blogged.  My mom and I went to Greenville, TX for a Lauer family reunion. My Grandma Phyl, who is 84 and has survived two bouts of cancer, is still as spunky as always :-) 
My grandma never thought that she would outlive her very healthy and energetic son, Kit, who was so much like her. We love you grandma.

Uncle Buddy came from Maui, and Aunt Dawn and her husband Jeff came from California. Cousin Carol came from Colorado, and grandma's longtime friend CJ came from Minnesota. My friend Nicole drove four hours from Houston to be with us as well, thanks Nicole!
It was also nice to see my grandma's Greenville friends, who have become our friends over the years. The wonderfully amazing Hutchins family...we just adore them! :) Judy and Clay, Paul and Jeanne, Gloria and Charles...they have all been such faithful friends to my grandma.

Nicole and my mama

Buddy and Nancy Hutchins

Clay and Judy

Paul and Jeanne

Gloria and Charles


Cousin Carol and Aunt Dawn


Anonymous said...

How fun, there is nothing like a small town to really know what to do on the holidays. Somehow I think we would all do better living that way with stories like Kit had. So glad you were able to spend time with family...that's what it is all about. Thinking of you always and praying for you.
Love Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Maisha,thanks and thanks again for sharing all of that with us..I'm sure it was very therapeutic for both you and your mom as well as Buddy and the rest of the family.I do think Buddy looks more like his mom than Kit did just from the pics.We love you both and want to stay connected.Joyce S.