Monday, July 6, 2009


July 1st was my mom's birthday and everyone helped out to make it a very special "surprise" birthday for her :)
Aunt Dawn and Sarah Hutchins came up with the idea of baking cupcakes and decorating them for my mom to choose her favorite. My mom wanted to pick them all (we knew that would happen because she is the nicest person ever), but finally she did choose one :)
While we all sang "happy birthday" my mama was brought to tears.
Thank you so much everyone for doing this and for making it so special. It meant a lot. We love you all.

Cupcake Contest

Nancy helping my mom choose :)

My mom's pick: The skier, by Judy Woods :)


Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday, Shelly. I did
think about you on that day however
as we celebrated our son's birthday
Great cupcakes, how fun was that!!
Love and prayers always to you and your family. Sharon

Robyn Iaea said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Shelly! I think of you often and say a little prayer each time. I hope this wish finds you healthy, happy and surrounded by your sweet family. God bless you:)
Love, Robyn

Anonymous said...

Looking at this post again. Kit was just a wonderful man, I don't need to even tell you that. Just seeing his picture has that impact on me on how much I learned from him and the people we met knowing him. Oh the lessons and reasons for things remain a mystery for today on this earth.
Love Sharon