Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This page was written by Robyn Iaea, who is the Publisher/Editorial Director of magazine "Pacific Weddings".  This is on page 20 of the Summer/fall 2009 edition. You can click on it to enlarge it.
Thank you so much Robyn! My dad would be very honored :)
Maisha and the Lauers


Karen and Joe said...

That is awe-inspiring. Your dad's words continue to lead the rest of us. What a legacy he left for us. I love the quote Robin chose. It's such a summary of your dad's generous and faithful life. Much love to you and your family. You are still in our prayers. We miss him too.
Much love, Karen

Anonymous said...

That certainly was a beautiful start to my day, reading Kit's friends words. I will use what he said to encourage what I do and say
Love and prayers to you.

Anonymous said...

Kit's teaching and legacy live on, affecting others who in turn affect others and on and on.A very nice tribute. Jimi

Robyn Iaea said...

Shelly and Maisha,
It was such an honor to help Kit with The Journey! What a blessing to our whole family:)

I am praying that Kit's words will touch every person who reads the new issue! He had such a way of moving hearts and reaching people right where they are. Praying for your family. Love in CHRIST forever,
Robyn & Halii

Anonymous said...

gonna get the pacific weddings issue. love robyn sharing her heart like that so boldly. your hubby/daddy continues to love on us. thanks for sharing it here.
just want to say hi shelly and maisha and love on you today.
shelly, i see you worrying about the sweater when you see this comment, silly girl, the thought of you having it makes me happy :)

Frank Johnson said...

" we respond in unselfish concern and compassion..." If we change the first three words to, "and Kit responded..." we would have his reaction to almost every problem in life. What an example he was for us. I miss him. I really miss him. The whole Johnson family is still praying for the Lauers. We love you so much and look forward to the next time we will get to see you.