Friday, July 25, 2008

kit speaks:)

Hey everyone...if you are still checking in, this is Kit...your prayers for healing seem to be sustaining me right back was healed two Fridays ago as everyone prayed for me and it has been getting better everyday since then...for 8 weeks my blood counts have all been normal, which means no blood transfusions. I am on a strict vegetable juice diet for cleansing...the affects of the chemo and antibiotics have all dissipated and my skin, glands, hormones, organs are all returning to a "normal" function...even my hair is coming back (nothing to write home about...but some hair) the "natural" and according to modern medical science I should still die soon, but as most of us know and believe, God has the final say so on my life... Whether I live or die and how fact we are all kind of in the same boat...the only time we have here on planet earth that is guaranteed is right now...non of us have the next moment for sure. Our life here, the Bible says, is but a vapor, like a little wisp of for a brief moment and then gone. The important thing is; what we do with that brief moment?...because according to Christ, all eternity for us hangs on our answer to that question. It is my hope for you today that you would choose God's love for your life. It would be my hope for you that you would choose your family, your children, you wife or husband, your friends to live your moment for and with. For when we choose these things in the moment we are given here on earth, we choose that which is good, right, pure, lovely and we capture these things in the moment for all eternity and they can never be taken from us...never. I hope to speak next Friday and see you all has been a blessing for me to be able to speak to the church and for my friends and family far away to be able to listen via our website at Please continue to pray for God's miracle of healing.
PS...I will be leading a prayer for healing this Sunday evening at Hope Chapel 6:00PM...I send all my love and thanks to you for your continued prayers and support.


Titus, Steph & Sofia said...

we love you so much! we're constantly amazed, (but no so suprised) by the strength you have had through all of this. we continue to pray for a miracle, and so wish we could give you all a giant hug. love from ecuador,

t, s & s

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and family,
yes, we are here and still checking in. We are continually praying for your complete healing!

hope to make Friday night.

Keeping the Faith,
Susan Haynes

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Hey Kit,

Still checking everyday hoping to get a message from you. Glad to see your message. So glad your back has been doing better. Still praying for you. I will pray from here for you Sunday for your healing! Love you so much! Keep doing just what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update Kit. I check your post everyday and am always so encouraged by the messages i read. I look forward to hearing you speak next week. I've always loved the way the Lord speaks through you and especially now it seems every sermon you give hits home more than ever. It's so inspiring to see the strength the Lord gives you to stand and speak each time. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better and will continue to pray for a miracle!

lorensaved77 said...

Hi Kit
So good to hear from you and how the Lord is sustaining you. I want to be there Friday. Don't know if Michelle and I will be back from Oahu in time, (Pre-Op appointment),
But if I don't make it, I will definitely keep you in Prayer, (your on my daily list) and I will catch it on line.
May God's Grace, Power, Wisdom,and Mercy be on you today and every day.
You are Awesome!
We love you so much and cling to your Godly example and words on how to LIVE!
We are touched in many ways by how God is using you For His Glory!
Many Blessings,
Nancy, John, Jonathon, and Michelle

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing man of God. You have been an inspiration to us. Your words are coming right from God and it is amazing to behold. We love you and pray for your healing daily. Wish we could be with you and Shelly. From NorCal,
Paul & Lynn Zarubin

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,
Of course we are still checking in!! How wonderful that your back is healed and the other effects of this experience so far are diminishing.
So many things these days push us into living in the now instead of in the middle of next week. Finding pleasure in the little things (like hair!! and the deer I see right now wandering through the mist in the trees) instead of worrying about tomorrow--
Realizing that our heavenly father values us more than the lilies of the field and is commited to taking care of us, no matter our circumstances.
Our prayers are renewed for you and your family.
His mercies are new every morning.
Lynne Andagan

Anonymous said...

Praise HIM Always!!!

Lots of Love
Michelle & the Girls

Debbie said...

Hi Kit -

It's so nice to see you when you pop into the office for your pastoral meeting. I'm still praying for a complete healing!


michael, ciara & mikaela said...

Always Checkkng In! We love you so much and we are brought to tears of joy (cry for happy) that you are being sustained by our Abba Father, our Protector! Our prayers are constant! Thank you for always encouraging us to keep our perpective. hugs & kisses,
ciara, mikaela & michael

Anonymous said...

Kit, your words are beautiful and true. All any of us really have is today, with hope and dreams of tomorrow. Our prayers are continously with you and your beautiful family. We will continue to send out love and healing thoughts to you! May God bless and keep you strong friend. Love Jerry,Rosemarie, Mia and the Simon family

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit ,
yes, we are still checking in and praying ,for healing and strenght .I am so happy to hear ,that things are going so well ,how are those veggies treating ya ?? ,it sounds like it is working for you, among all those prayers from the body of Christ of course .We see you Friday night ,looking forward to it ,take care ,aloha Anuschka,Alex and mikela

Liza's Eyeview said...

check this out Kit. I thought of you when I found out about this song/site:


Anonymous said...

Still with you, and I continue to thank Jesus for you and your complete healing. Thanks for continuing to write.
Love you bunches "Freckles"

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you guys!!! Keep fighting the good fight!

God bless always


Joe and Karen said...

Beautiful Kit...we are back on Maui and hope to finally catch one of your inspiring messages at church!! We love you and we are so proud of you! You are so patient in affliction.Your faith shines like a lighthouse on a dark and stormy sea! You are helping us all find our way to safe harbor. We can't wait to see you and Shelly.

Mele said...

You bet we are still checking in and always praying. Your walk has encouraged us in more ways than you know.

We love you!

The Stricklands

Anonymous said...

" If you are still checking in"? Of course I'm still checking in. You are a inspiration to everyone that reads your blog Kit. I haven't seen you in years and still you touch my life by showing me the love and faithfulness of GOD.
I will continue believing with all the brothers and sisters in CHRIST for your complete healing.

Love Always
Ben Anderson
Bend Oregon

Anonymous said...

One more thing Kit. You have shown all of us how to live even in the shadow of death. You have lived more through this than most people do that are not fighting from an illness. I will live today!!!!!!!
Thank you
Ben Anderson

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, Kit asked me to post a graphic...He is starting a new series Friday, August 1st. Be there!

He wanted you to see the graphic, but since it won't let me use the html tags I know how to is a link


Bill and Lu Kepler said...

I check in almost daily, Kit. We have prayed for your healing, and it looks like the Lord is doing it! It's exciting that your back is better. Now we'll pray for your bone marrow.
Bill and Lu

Dave Joy said...

Most happy to have been one of the many whose hands were directed by God to give you "hands-on healing"...

"To heal" is an old Middle English term (before 900 a.d.) that means "to make whole." This obviously suggests that we are NOT healed as long as we behave as though we are NOT whole (or separate from one another and God). Therefore, by your own amazing demonstration of love for everything and everyone around you, Kit, you ARE healed where it most counts... in your mind, in your heart...and now we "wait upon the Lord" as we come together as a UNIFIED WHOLE and watch your healing continue to unfold into the miracle you are for us all.

Ron & Barbara said...

Hey Josh,

I think the goat would look better with all of it's coat...

Thanks to everyone out there for keeping the rest of us informed.