Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kit starting a new series...yes, Dr. Kit is teaching!

Hey, folks, Josh writing for Kit...

Kit is busy preparing a message for his teaching...this Friday, August 1st... on his new series, Changing into Ourselves.
Kit describes it this wasy, "The idea is that we have identified who we think we are and what we do, but really, we need to change to actually become that! It’s like as Christians and a church we see ourselves as what God wants us to be, but God says no, we need to change to become who we think we are…"

Be there!


Anonymous said...

miss you uncle kit!!!

love sash

Anonymous said...

your new series sounds great so I hope I will be able to get it on line. I keep praying for you and yours tweety

Anonymous said...

WOO HO I'm so excited!

Lots of love,
Michelle :)

bob h. said...

you "rock" Kit

Bill Kepler said...

It was great today, Kit. Just like old times. You look strong, muscular, powerful. God is working it out with you.
I love you, brother.

Ron & Barbara said...

Hey Josh,

I think the goat would look better with all of it's coat...

Thanks to everyone out there for keeping the rest of us informed.

Anonymous said...

YOU WERE GREAT TO PACK ALL THAT INFO INTO A CONCISE MESSAGE. BUT SAM STOLE THE SHOW. His short message hit me with the truth- WHILE FOCUSING ON OUR PARTICULAR MINISTRY (eg. Junior High)we forget that we are all members of the body of Christ.Its important and feels better to know what the other gifted members are up to.
Looking forward to the next one.