Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Whoever seeks me with all their heart will find me..."

* Kit is preparing for his message for Friday July 11th and Sunday following that. I know many of you are checking the blog often so I thought of pulling out some "gems" from Kit's previous posts to remind us of God's love and calling. Below is an excerpt from Kit's May 4th's post:

Please know that I continue to be sustained by your love, prayers, support and your generous giving...your hearts of love and concern are all treasures to me and my family. My prayer for you today is that regardless whether you are riding high on the wings of blessing right now or find yourself in a deep dark valley that you would know that everywhere you are the love of God your creator is with you.

He tells us..."whoever seeks me with all their heart will find me..." Sometimes we are so weak we can't seem to find the strength to even seek after Him, it is in these times He seeks after us. He will leave the whole flock He tends to go after His lost little lamb. His love for you is un-ending finding it's full expression in the offering of His Son's life for yours. His gift to you of life everlasting, His provision to those who place their trust and hope in Him.

It is my prayer for us all today that we would hold very lightly to those things temporary and passing, to the cares, the set backs, the ups-and downs of life's circumstances and that we would all hold on tightly to those things that are eternal. Forgiveness, love expressed when we consider our friend, our spouse, our child as more precious, more valuable then ourselves, our own needs. As we do this God meets our needs in a deep profound and supernaturally way.

Don't manipulate, use, or ill think of anyone, do good to all, be bright lites in a world filled with incomprehensible darkness and pain. We must at times allow our protective bubbles to be burst now and then to know the deep treasures found only in a place of great need and the touch of the love of God.

Again, no matter where you are, His love is there. Give your heart to the lover of your soul and He will empower your life today in marvelous ways and victories felt to just always be slightly out of your reach will be yours and when you face the end of self your hope will swell from the knowledge of the great gift of eternal life, the ultimate weapon against death and fear...we can rest our heads in the hands of the author and giver of life who freely gives new life now and forever for all who call on His name.


Bill and Lu Kepler said...

Still lovin', still prayin'.
Bill and Lu

Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to you and Shelly. We are praying so hard for you both. It has a long way to travel but it is lifted up so quickly. We love you both and will be staying in touch. Friends in Christ Nick and Sharon