Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kit Taught Today

A blessed day. I attended the first service at Hope Chapel today and Kit was teaching. They provided a stool for him to sit on, but he stood the whole time he was teaching! The teaching is wonderful as usual - full of wisdom and power - inspiring. Carlos led the worship and it was very glorifying to God. There was a Gospel Hula before Kit's message and the song was "I Simply Live For You". Kit taught on Thessalonian Chapter 4. It's about how to be pleasing to God. I won't go into the details of the message because I am sure you will be able to listen to it at Hope Chapel website. We will post the link here as soon as it's available. Continue to pray, for your prayers are not in vain.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kit,you definitely had the Lord's annointing on you and your message Sunday!!! You have been and still are one of the bravest "soldiers" I have ever known.Of course the same goes for Shelly.I think the song-"Onward Christian Soldiers" describes you two!Joyce

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit
Well I am so happy that you have now joined the club called the "Survivor Club"....As you know with me being part of this Cancer Club all the little miracles such as even waking up in the morning are truly a blessing from the big man upstairs. I have not been to Maui in a year but the Lauers I consider my second family. Your church prayed for me through both times of being sick and I wanted to tell you that my birthday was last week July 9th and I turned 27. But more importantly I am 3 years CANCER FREE!!! We will continue to keep you in our prayers and I know there are always little hills that must be conquered on a daily basis...
I cannot wait to see you and everyone there
Your Friends in Canada
Genevieve Duford and Family

Anonymous said...


I thanked & praised my God for you once again for our answered prayers in your return to the pulpit. Last Sunday was the first time I've seen you since Good Friday service. It was hard to control my tears as my heart leaped with joy to see you... to hear you preach from such a new place of tenderness in your walk was like "iron sharping iron". I felt equally convicted and encouraged, if that makes any sense. In my excitement to greet you and introduce myself to you and Shelly, I found myself stategically making my plan to get near you.. to say "hello" and share a gentle embrace. In my introduction, your Shelly lit right up and made me feel like an old friend. Amazing.

Yesterday, while walking the dog, I spoke to Jesus again about you and the depth of your relationship with Him. I desire to experience that kind of intimacy. I'm determined to know Him more Kit. I want the intimacy with Jesus that is so clear on your your speach while sharing and the tears that fill your eyes when you speak His name.

Kit, I continue to hold you up in my prayers and thank Him for bringing you home to us. I look forward to hear you teach real soon. Now Shelly, you are suppose to be thinking of something I can do for you two :) I was on the mainland during all the excitement and celebration of Kit's homecoming, so please help me out. Let me bless you guys somehow. My email is:

Love you, Freckles

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Lauer;
You are an inspiration. I heard that you are getting into juices. Please have your staff contact me at my website if you you want a great juicer.
Here's my wish for you: May the good Lord Bless and keep you too!
Jack LaLanne

Bill Pirelli said...

Dear Kit, The Lord put a burden on my heart to find you on the web. I can not believe what is going on with your health. I remember the ironman I used to run with all over Watsonville. I truly believe the HOLY SPIRIT has led me to contact you at this time in your life. I have spent the pass 18years working with cancer patients with natural remedies.

Anonymous said...

Brother Kit,

I love the latest photo on your blog of you and Shelly.
I have downloaded some of your messages online an will download your latest message soon.
You look great my Brother. You will always be in my/our prayers.
I miss you Brother....
Ben Anderson

Heather said...

Kit, you are amazing! Teaching! Wow! I love the fact that you are up there teaching (I would love to be there!) but take care of yourself,don't get too run down. I have talked with Maisha some and she said that your back is still really hurting. You are in my prayers. I pray that the Lord would free you from your back pain. I love and pray for you all. Miasha, I loved chating with you the other day! It was fun to catch up! Please say hello anytime you see me online! May God bless you today and may he show you something spectacular!
Love to you ALL, Heather Overholt