Thursday, July 17, 2008


My dad wants everyone to know how wonderful it was for him to be able to speak last weekend. A lot of people prayed for him on Friday night and his back has been better since then.
Kit had an MRI done on monday and there are three different things happening in his lower back. The first one is that there is a small tumor. That is being analyzed and they don't know how much that is impinging on the nerve, but it is on the opposite side of the pain. The second thing is that there is a slight herniation (slipped disc) at the L5 vertabrae which is probably putting pressure on the nerve. third, there is a narrowing of the spinal column which could also be causing problems.
So, we are praying for continued decreased pain and the correct therapy program.
Kit will continue teaching as long as he has strength to do it.
Thank you for all of the love and dad says it keeps him going.
love, The Lauers

p.s. if that was really Jack Lalanne that left a comment on the blog...we are most definitely interested in a juicer! :-)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit and the Lauer Family:
The Zautners will continue to pray for your complete healing! Thank you for sharing what the results of your MRI were so we can pray specifically.
Your message on Sunday was awesome and we are so blessed that you continue to preach and share God's word with us even in times of illness. We love you Kit and your whole family.

"I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.
My sole will boast in the Lord; let the aflicted hear and rejoice.
Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.
I sought the Lord and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Ps 34:1-4
You are on our hearts and in our prayers. We love you!
The Zautner Ohana

smithohana said...

I have suffered from a narrowed disk at the L5 - LS junction for about 10 years now. (Since I was about 16) It has never impeded that much on my life, until a couple of months ago when I was semi bed-ridden for 2 months. I went to Kaiser and they took X-rays, and gave me muscle relaxers, but didn't help the problem or the pain. Clint and I met a couple that ended up to be our current landlords here on the Westside and they recommended their chiropractor. I had never had much faith in chiropractors (sorry anybody who is in this profession), but this doctor changed my life and my perspective! His name is Brendan Krause, his office is in Lahaina and he is very reasonable ($25 per visit). I went from invalid to able bodied again in about a week. I felt heaps better just after the first adjustment! I understand back pain, and this was the only thing that helped me, I hope this blesses you.
If you and Shelly (Maisha too ) can make it over to the Lahaina Side, seeing Dr. Karuse will be worth the trip. We also have a pool and jacuzzi over here, if you just want to get away and relax.
With Much Love,
Taylor Ringger-Smith

Anonymous said...

I will agree with the last coment. Nick also had the same issues and he ended up flat on his back preparing for surgery. I was fortunate enough to have someone speak with him about this amazing chiropractor her in Denver that changed his life. He still sees him when his back is hurting or causing him pain but the beginning was many years ago and his doctor was a blessing. Perhaps checking him out would be good. Continued prayer on our end. Missing Maui but Sept is coming. Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Dear kit and Family,

It was such a blessing to hear God's words through you on Sunday!! I heard many comments after service. All exciting and wonderful!

Thank you for this recent blog. My prayers will be more specific. But as always, I will still pray for the total and complete healing.

Love and Prayers Always!!
Susan Haynes