Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Much Needed Update

I wanted to update you all on how my dad is doing. I'm sorry that we haven't blogged for awhile but Kit it was having a very difficult time this past week. He has-for the most part-been very, very sick with brief moments haven't feeling "okay".

My dad prayed out to God last night to help him in his pain, and I believe that God is using the wonderful women of hospice to do just that. My dad is feeling a whole lot better right
now. Basically, he feels like a new person. It is so great, uplifting, and just cheers our spirits to see him like this.

This Friday night service will be a type of dedication to Kit. So, if you guys can make it, that would be wonderful.

I want to remind everyone that "The Journey" booklet will be coming out in print soon, thanks to some wonderfully magnanimous friends who are so close to my dad's heart :) When the booklet is out, we will let everyone know how they can get copies.

We love you and Kit's praying for you all and is very thankful for your love and support. He is still preparing for the May 9th seminar and really needs everyone's prayers for the strength to do it. My dad wants you to know that his heart is with his fellow sufferers and says that you are kindred spirits. It's his prayer that this post will be a lifter of your spirit.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much Maisha for the update.My imagination was running wild with no news..We are still praying for that miracle for your dad..Loving all of you and really praying Kit's pain level can stay low! Joyce and Jesse

Anonymous said...

Our dear family.
Thank you very much for your update we pray for you and we Love you very much . May Lord comfort you hold your hands give you strength. We Love you very much May Lord bless this day for you. your Rogers family Natasha Craig Alexander and Jessica

natasha said...

we love you very much

Janis said...

We were excited to the Apologetics class mentioned in the bulletin. We'll be there for sure. Love all you Lauers!
Jerry & Janis

Anonymous said...

Thanking God for your amazing dad and those hospice angels. He is, you all are forever in our prayers! Thank you so much Maisha for this update on your dad. Knowing he is having miracle moments of feeling better is a total answered prayer! Love you guys more than I could ever say... Deb

Robyn Iaea said...

Thank you for the update, Maisha:) I must admit my heart has been burdened for both Kit and all of the family this past week, but I am thankful that this reminds me to pray without ceasing. Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers for comfort and relief! Your ohana continues to be a blessing to all of us.

Wishing you all His grace and peace,
Robyn & Halii

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

It worked! I feel happy for you all! So happy Kit is feeling better!!!! Love you all so much!! Thanks for the update (-: xoxoxo

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

May God bless you Maisha for your update. Our God is so awesome to continue answering our prayers and lifting Kit up. We are so blessed to witness this miracle. We are so blessed to be a part of Kit's life and lessons. He has taught us so much and God let's him continue to do so. Our prayers will not stop. We pray for you Kit and we pray for your family. What an incredible family!
Doreen and Charlie Barnhart

Heather McComas said...

Thank you for the update!!! And our prayers are always with you!!! Comfort, peace and strength will be our requests to God for Kit. Bless you.

Joe and Karen said...

Thanks Maisha...This was very comforting to read. I know it's hard to write when you don't have good news to share, but please let us know even when things are going terrible. We can't be there, but we want to share your suffering. We are thankful for the hospice workers who have the skill to help, and we will pray that God keeps bringing aid and relief to our beloved Kit.
We love you all so much and cherish every moment, even the dark ones.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. I think that Hospice are simple angels. Having been through this I know that having them in our lives is a blessing. I will pray for better days with Kit and pray for the pain to end. God sure is using Kit
and Shelly to their fullest! I ask all the time for Gods hand to be with Kit. We love you.
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update. We are back in Chicago now but our hearts and prayers are with you Kit and Shelly and all of the Hope Chapel community.

Barb and Mike

Mele said...

Well done Kit. Thinking of you always.

Prayers to you and your beautiful family.



Anonymous said...

thank you for your update. You are all in our prayers and thoughts.
May God keep his arms wrapped around you all!
John and Sandi

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauer Family, I just got back from Texas, where I went through ,with my dad, what your going through right now. It's tough, real tough. My heart and prayers are with you all. Love, Jimi

mauihulagirl said...
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mauihulagirl said...

Mahalo nui for the update. We are continuing to pray that ke Akua will hold all of you in His loving hands + bring you comfort + peace.

Aloha, your neighbors down the street...

~ The Pasco 'Ohana

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Dear Kit and family,
I am sadden to hear about your suffering and rejoicing that you have gotten some relief to your pain.So much of Kit's journey takes me back to the time I watched my beloved Randy suffer. Kit & Buddy were there to sing worship songs to Randy by his bedside as he suffered. You are such a precious friend, a living example of what it means to be Christ like. You are truly a man of God, used by God to reach those saved by his blood and those that are lost. You are loved, Kim

Frank Johnson said...

Great to hear an update. We are praying for your whole family.


The Johnson's

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate your openness to share with us, even when it hurts to do so. It is hard to read sometimes...harder for you to share Im sure, but please keep writing. You are all dear to my heart. I continue to pray for Kit and you all too as the fight rages on. May 9th...praying for that too.

Hey, I shared with you about the guy at Starbucks, well he came Good Friday and Sunday :)

love you bunches! freckles

Anonymous said...

HI all

much love and prayers to you. I'm back in california (well today anyway, will be in minnesota for a week for a family reunion this weekend) so my body will remain confused as to the time of day and the season...

can I ask what is planned for may 9? I don't have a clue..

u r missed


James Taylor said...

KIT my beloved Brother, We are all soo blessed when we hear of your status, my heart beats with you and for you through all of your trials and triumphs.I pray that your pain and all your afflictions be made whole and that your comfort is not only brought to you on eagles wings by His hands but your coming in and going out be increased so all will know HE is God!!! God Bless James Taylor

Janet said...

Dear Maisha,
love you and want to thank you for your courage to write about your dad's ups and downs.
Your family's unbelievable strength is only from God and during this time Maisha, He is the one catching all the tears. You,your dad & mom, Mikey & Shae are so precious to me and I love you.
Praying for the Hospice angels and relief 24/7 for your dad.
Many hugs & prayers,
Love janet