Friday, April 24, 2009

"Today You Shall Be With Me In Paradise"

Kit went to be with the Lord tonight (a little past 7PM). We will miss you here Kit, but we know that the heaven is doing a warm welcome. You've run the race well, you've fought a good fight ...

Let us continue to pray for Shelly, Maisha, Mikey and the whole Lauer family. You may leave a comment here or on the Facebook pages.

Karen wrote a beautiful good bye, honoring Kit, on her blog. Click here to go there.


Dio said...

As shocking and hard as it is, it's also a relief to know that Pastor Kit has now no more pain.
He's healed and whole again!
Shelly, Maisha and Mickey, our prayers are with you.
We love you!
Dio, Ubi and kids

Anonymous said...

Yes pain free!!!! We love you kit and your family. I bet heaven is amazing!!!!!!! Will be praying for you mikey, maisha, shelly and the rest of the lauer family.

Love you Man

Corey Spence

Jean said...

Peace. Love, Jean

Pat Law said...

What an amazing gift you were to us Kit, and what an amazing anticipated gift you had waiting for you all week ( Ben told us that you were like a kid waiting for Christmas ) and there you are, all of us gathered to celebrate you, as you slipped away to collect your gift, in to the room that He has prepared for you, Thank you for sticking around, and enduring all of that pain and suffering, you have taught us so much this past year. Fear nothing!
Peaks and valleys , its all par for the course, to His Majesty's Kingdom, I hope that we all run that course half as well as you did.. Thank you so very much Kit. I'll never forget prayer night last year, you hung on to my sweaty hand for 40 minutes under the starry sky's while we prayed over Regina, and then Kenny who had a bad back, the prayers were intense, you were intense..Thank you for baptising me in 2007.
Dont worry about your family here, they will be well taken care of.. Thank you Kit, Thank you so very very much.. Aloha

Pat Law

Iwalani Borge said...

As sad as we may be at not having you here on earth, how wonderful it is that your are now with our Lord. Free of pain, free from cancer, lets celebrate your life my friend...we will continue to pray for your family and lift them up in prayer
Mahalo Ke Akua for Kits life
Scott, Iwalani and Kamuela Borge

Kathleen Duprey said...

God had a plan.....He knew that tonight was the night that Kit was "Going Home". Too many people who have been touched by Kit's undying devotion to God's children to be around his bed as he made his way home, God, the amazing God that He is, gathered many of us together to be at his bedside......via the internet. We all thought that we were there to express how Kit has affected our lives. Little did we know that we were brought together for another reason. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!!! Kathleen Duprey

Jeri said...

We will miss our wonderful friend and pastor, but rejoice in knowing he's finally healed! So thankful to have had the opportunity to be touched by Kit's love and teaching. We'll be forever grateful and blessed to have known such a wonderful man of God.

Our hearts ache for all the Lauer family and pray you sense God's peace and comfort.

Cliff & Jeri

Mele said...

Forever in our hearts.

We love you,

Mele & Ohana

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

You preached to us that Good Friday is really a "good" Friday. Today was another Good Friday for you, as you gave us your gift, and in the process received the greatest gift of all. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We miss you Kit! thank you for loving us and pouring your life into so many people. We are all so blessed to have been part of your life. We love you Shelly, Maisha, Mikey and the rest of the Lauer family!!
Strand family

Anonymous said...

What a outstanding gift God has given us through you, Kit. Now we can continue to pass along the example you set for, love, love. I love you and miss you already braddah Kit!
Ken Wallen

Josh Goodman said...

I love you KIT!!! My heart is broken, but my prayers are for the Lauer family. Lord, give them peace that passes understanding. I'm mad at God. He is big and can handle it. You inspire me and have always believed in me. If I can become half the man that you are it would be a life lived with purpose. Our emails are unfinished, but the answers to my questions need to be found on my own.

What a man! You're fully compationate, tender, and loving yet fully rational and logical at the same time. Kind of like Jesus. What a great role model you have been and will always be for me. You're the most amazing man I have ever known. I'm so stoked that you are in the presence of the Lord. Far out. I love you with all my heart and you will never be forgotten. You have impacted many. The world weeps tonight.

Forever in our hearts this flower,
Husband, father, friend. Kit Lauer.

I love you Kit!!!

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit ,we are going to miss you like so many you have touched with your kindness and love and teaching ,we are sad but thankfull at the same time .Thankfull to not have to see you suffer any longer ,are hearts and prayers go out to Shelly , Maisha , Mickey and the rest of the Lauer family .May the word of God our Lord give you peace and comfort ,like it did for Kit this past year.
(untill we meet again )we love you ,Anuschka ,Alex and Mikela

mauiart said...

Kit, As our flesh is so selfish and want you still to be with us. We rejoice that you have obediently come home to the Father in Heaven... You are missed more than you know. As I space out and do a blank stare as I am writing this, I can see you wonderful face in Christ's humility, so humble, peaceful, gentle, faithful and most of all so loving... As we cherish our memories of the many Friday gatherings (The best date night on Maui-Hope Chapel) where we listened, thought, got challenged, and grew from your messages from above all we can say is Holy, Holy, Holy is our Lord. For He has truly blessed us through you. You have run and run well. If we can only catch your speed and take the baton, we pray God will help us. The seeds you have sewn is so vast in depth-how can we control the growth when it's the power from the creator of the Universe through you. Only God really knows how much you have poured yourself to all of us. We will be there for your family, all of us. You have showed us how to enjoy our circumstances through valleys, atop mountains and have shown us how to have passion in the knowledge that Jesus is the One, the Truth and the Life. And now you are there with Him without pain in perfect worship to Him. We Love you, Gods Blessings to Shelley, Bud, Becky, Maisha, Mikey, Mike, Jenny and the girls and all the Lauer Powers... Kit, Thanks for watching over your flock.

In His Peace,
Art, Deborah, Regina, Erica

Cindy Lu said...

Dear Lauer Family,

Kit has lived a remarkable and inspirational life. He was a great example to me of living life to the fullest.

I am sending you all my love. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Kit is no longer in pain. I've read a few books on Heaven and I can imagine how welcomed Kit is by all that have gone before him. He is a great man and I am honored to have know him and listened to his messages over the years. It was such a strong man. Prayers to all of you.

Love Cheryl & Lane McFarland, Haslett, MI

Anonymous said...

How we mourn with you today, Lauer family. And pray with and for all of you for peace and comfort.
Kit left all of us with an amazing legacy of godliness.
Love and Hugs,
Lynne Andagan

Janis said...

Kit, we were together with your Hope family last night, wishing you well, thanking you, loving you. It’s as if God called us together to walk you to the gates of Heaven. What a privilege to have been on this journey with you. It’s been a bittersweet trip. Along the way our love has been stretched to a capacity we had not known. We have become stronger, feeding off your strength. We’ve had to press into God like we never have before. We always knew the outcome would be good either way, but in our selfishness we clung to you. We paid attention as you brought us God’s message of love and redemption. It was good. We’ve come together as a body. This is your legacy. You leave us better than we were.
Jerry & Janis

Sarah said...

Though we are many miles away in Michigan, our hearts and prayers are with you Shelly, Maisha, Mikey and all your family and close friends. I wish with all my heart that we could be there with our Maui family at this time.
We love you. We are sending our Hugs and Prayers,
Eric and Sarah Therkildsen, Clayton, Jeriah and baby Mathias

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you, Kit, but we are comforted to know that you'll still be with us! Our sympathies to you, Shelly, Maisha, and Mikey.

Mark & Jo


Anonymous said...

I remain in shock even tho down deep I think we all knew you would be going home" soon.We will do our best to really be there now for the Lauer family as they make a supreme effort to live without this wonderful husband, father, brother,uncle,etc.etc.Ben you did an incredible job of leading the service while knowing all the time Kit was with the Lord.Lovingly,Joyce

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Charlie and I are so blessed to be a part of the Hope Family honoring what you meant to all of us yesterday evening. When Ben shared the news of the gift of Jesus to all of us and told us of your passing we were so very heartbroken yet glorified. We are in pain yet so very grateful that you are free of pain. You will always be a part of us and we will never forget.
Our prayers are with Shelley, Maisha, Mikey and all of the Lauers. You are an amazing family.
We love you,
Charlie and Doreen

Anonymous said...

In our sadness the Lord reminds us that he has given us multiple blessings through Kit that will go on forever. I always felt as though God was speaking directly through this wonderful vessel.He has left an eternal imprint on our hearts. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the Lauer family. We love you!
Don, Laura and Jessica Roll

Mike Leonard said...

We are crying, remembering and talking about our time with Kit and how God used him and the cancer to change the face of Maui and spread the gospel.
It's what Kit lived and died for, to spread the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are sitting here crying together and lifting up prayers for you Shelly, Maisha, Mikey, and the Hope chapel family.
Love and more love to our Maui family,
Mike and Susan Leonard

Gadient Family said...

You have our deepest condolences.
We will keep all the Lauer's in our thoughts and prayers.

With sincere Aloha,

Gary, Ivana, Makena, Raven and Jeweliana Gadient

Anonymous said...

In just reading Kit's blog you could feel Kit's love and compassion pour out for those around him. Kit made you want to live a kinder, less selfish life. Kit's life teachings will truly live on! my thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

We are so sad and happy. It hurts anyway. A lot.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing man. Kit was my Jr. high wrestling coach, friend and mentor.I will miss him. Knowing he is with the Lord,and not in anymore pain is a comfort.Our thoughts and prayers are with you Shelly, Mikey, Maisha and the whole Lauer family.Kit,thank you for all of the lifes lessons you have tought me. I love you coach.
Eric ,Sheila ,Jake and Lynne

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kit for all that you have taught us thru your teachings on Friday nights and Apologetics. I joined your class when I just began attending Hope because you made an impression on my heart when I watched you speak. Our very first night you made us feel so welcomed. It was a very intense course and as a new believer I was a little intimidated by our lack of knowledge so my boyfriend and I never finished your class but we continued to attend Friday and Sundays and 2 years later I am going to go back to your book and videos. Your legacy will live on forever.

As you have been a gift to me I will try to be a gift to others. I am in awe of how much you gave so unselfishly and you are a total inspiration. Although I am sad that we will no longer hear you speak on Friday nights and see your beautiful face and I so glad that you are no longer suffering and in pain. It hurts so bad and my heart aches for your family but I am comforted by the fact that they have faith and know that you are with our Lord Ssvior Jesus Christ! What a glorious sight it must be for you to be in the presence of the lord. Until we meet again A hui hou! God Bless you Lauer Family!

Shane & Lita said...

We love you so much, Lauer Ohana...

Forever in our hearts and prayers,
Shane and Lita

Anonymous said...

What a contrast of feelings - rejoicing in Kit's entrance to heaven, truely being in the presence of our Lord, what jubilation, I can just picture Kit jumping up and down celebrating and praising God and yet sad for the loss of those left behind. Shelly, Maisha, and Mikey, we too join with the many others in prayer, asking God to continue to hold you together, strengthen you like only He can, may He be your tower of refuge and strength and may you let yourself go into His loving arms as you mourn your loss.
"May the Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word." 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17
Aloha~ Mark and Karen Harmer

Anonymous said...

FYI, what'd to share something with you all.
GoodMoring, We all know that the Lord as a plan for All of us. We are told this many time and some times in may way.

Well Last night surly was one to those ways.....of "His Good Planning"

1. The Lord called Dr. Kit Home to be with him last night, His Plan.
2. The Lord had many of us at Friday night service (which Kit started) together to praise Dr. Kit for the many things he has been doing to serve the Lord and help many of us in many different way, for some time now, Good Planning
3. Dr. Kit going home to be with the Lord at about the same time (after 7:00pm) he would be up there in front of us teaching us more about Our Lord, Good Planning
4. Many of use were there and had the opportunity to hear the new about Kit going home at the same time together, just Good Planning, how fortunately it was that so many of us were and could be together hearing the news and being able to comfort each other. Just darn Good Planning
5. I'm so glad I was there with the others, and could listen to all that was being shared, in how this Man, Dr. Kit has effected some many...Good Planning
6. Just about a month ago the Lord told me to get the mission photos (slide film of 4 trips with Kit, to PI ) together and start scanning that I would need to be able to share them with many, so I did, I had told my wife (Dawn) about this message and only her.
a. month ago got them all together
b. left for mainland a couple weeks ago
c. after return got another message to finish them up.
d. Wednesday (4/22/09) night stayed up late getting them ready for scanning.
e. Thursday (4/23/09) morning at 05:30/am starting scanning, finished (about 100 slides) about 2:00pm and delivered them to Ben at Hope Chapel.
f. Ben Asked can you talk a little about the slides and some of your time with Kit, I said no, the Lord said Yes, and so I did, Good Planning

Thank you Lord for your Good Planning, Thank you Dr. Kit for all the you have done, Love Ya,

Yes well will miss him....

Capt Ray

Anonymous said...

"Well done good and faithful servant, well done". Lauer Family, many of us sat in service last night to honor a great man of God, Pastor Kit, only to learn later that he was watching us from Paradise. Our hearts one moved from thier seats when Ben conveyed the text message to us after 9pm. The room was still... the lights were dim, silence was broken by the sound of tears. Even the courtyard was somber. Our Kit was in paradise.

Lauer family, you are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Kit's life has touched and changed the hearts of many, and mine. Seeing and hearing just a portion of his legacy, I am challenged to "live out loud" as he did.

all my love, Freckles

PS "ditto" Pat Law's comment.

Anonymous said...

we miss you kit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kit for changing my life and the lives of many others. Our tears are many, but I think I can still hear the angels singing louder than our weeping.

Lauer Family, we will continue to lift you up in prayer!!

Susan, Chris, Nathan

Anonymous said...

As shocking as it was to hear that you are no longer among us, I'm touched that you are Home and pain free!!! What a great plan the Lord had. You departed while we gathered together celebrating you. Thank you Kit for Aplologetics and Friday nights teaching. I'll miss you.
My thoughts and prayers are with Shelly, Mikey, Maisha and the rest of the Lauer's family.
With love,

Kathy Englert said...

Just the name Kit Lauer brings a smile to my face. His indomitable spirit, his hilarious antics, his little fondlings, his powerful preaching, his courageous heart and his undying love for his family. What a man, the true spiritual Iron Man.

Michael Lauren said...

Thank you my friend for being such a powerful influence in the lives of so many. God must be so very proud of your accomplishments and never ending love and compassion for all.

What a blessing you are. I will miss you but find comfort knowing you are healed. Blessings to your family. Good bye for now Kit.

Michael Lauren


Kit I can't believe you beat me to it I am sooo glad for you!!This is not to say you not being here with us anymore is not going to be hard..I am glad you are finally healed and rejoicing in Jesus's arms as he holds you as we all long to do.Your mission on this earth was to show us what love and carring is and the void you are going to leave is one that only the HOLY SPIRIT can fill,and that is one thing you taught me "trust in the HOLY SPIRIT and try to live unto HIS calling" it is such an honor to say that you were and always will be my friend and that you taught me so much every Friday you spoke.
Shelly and Maisha what was one thing that really amazed and made me cry for happy was when I was in the hospital your Dad called me to let me know I had nothing to fear,to love on me,he was in the next room trying to beat cancer!I was gonna be fine he was in a live or die battle with cancer...I was so touched!!!To all you guys I am praying for all your needs at this time and I pray that the HOLY SPIRIT be with you all always!Love you all loads James Taylor

Anonymous said...

We love the Lauer family, all of you!
Kit, we'll see you in Eternity

Mike & Mary Knowles

Pete said...

Lots of love Lauer family! How appropriate that Mr. Friday Night would start life anew on Friday night! Will miss him and his ability to "love" all so well! All our love, The Nichols

Sheila Turnbull said...

Dear Shelly and Ohana:
My heart grieves with your heart. Always my sister, Sheila.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, Maisha, Mikey and Shae, Lauer Ohana
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we stand in the gap and ask the Lord to pour forth his comfort on all of you. Kit was an incredible husband and father,
one that our family deeply admired for how he loved his own. A true genuine lover of people young and old, able and feeble, known and unknown. A man who laid down his life for his brothers and sisters over and over and over and over. Incredible wit and passion. One who faithfully ran the race until the end leaving us his example to follow Jesus at all cost. An abandonment of self rarely seen today. All the way his Savior led him.
Well done Kit! Well done....Thank you for the gift you gave the body of Christ this past year....all for Jesus.....all for Jesus
Aloha Oe
Until we meet again
Jan, Kelly, Taryn, and Megan

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for being an inspiration and leaving an impression on us during our short stint at Hope Chapel while living on Maui. Tyler and Elizabeth Denton

Ian said...

Thoughts and prayers out to everyone who knew and loved Kit.

Kit, Shelly, Maisha and Mikey were kind enough to open their doors to me and welcome me into their home once, as they did many others. I was honored to be their guest and revel in their loving abode. Surely Kit is equally well-received in the kingdom above.

With love and deepest sympathy,


karen joy maui said...

kit you changed my life . you led me to the lord you baptised me. you lifted me up when I couldnt speak you encouraged me to always forgive people even if the dont deserve it. so mny times I wanted to turn and walk away and there you were with your bible in my backyard in you surf shorts teaching me about jesus.. my heart aches my tears are fallling ...i am a better person because of you. Im so grateful you are walking hand in hand with the man.. I love you karen joy

Pastor Daniel Bracken said...

He has entered into his reward. No more pain no more tears. We will look forward to seeing him later. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Peace and prayers to you Shelly, Maisha Mickey and family.

Love you all,

Daniel, Karen, Hannah, Danny, Mary, John, and Chris Bracken

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Dear Lauers,

I am so sad...

I know this sorrow...

The waves of the saddeness I have experienced the last 48+ hours are weighing so heavy on my heart. This does not take anything away from my faith in the Lord and His timing.

I wish I could some how help Shelly bypass all the sadness she will experience as she begins her journey without Kit.

I know that sadness...

I cry because I am sad...

Shelly, Maisha, & Mickey(& Shae) .. you are so loved.
You will not walk this journey alone. The Lord, and all those that love you will walk by your side on this next Journey.

From the depths of my heart,
I love you Lauer Family.


Mimi Hunter said...

Shelly,Maisha, and Mickey,
I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through right now but for what its worth, I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.Kit was a wonderful man and I will never forget the kindness and generosity he showed to me when I was a child and I will never forget the inspiration and example he set for me as an adult. Although I am glad to know that he he is no longer in any pain, I grieve for your loss. I pray that God gives you comfort and strength during this very difficult time.
Mimi Hunter

Anonymous said...

I was so blessed to be among the body Friday night to hear the news.

When I woke up Friday morning - living on the Big Island - I didn't know I'd be on Maui that night.

I had read about the service on the blog and wished i could be there. Friday afternoon I started looking at airline flights....around 3:30 - grabbed my children and told them to pack a toothbrush and pajamas. We drove an hour to the Hilo airport and arrived on Maui at 7:20 p.m....arriving at the church about 7:45.

I was soooooooo dissapointed that Kit was not there as it's been quite a while since I've seen him.

At the end of the service I was so glad to have been there to hear the news along with the body - it would have been hard to just have read it on the blog.

I thank God that the spirit urged me to get there - even though the only flight available would get me there about 45 minutes after the serice started.

God be with you Lauers,
Love, Linda Hoover...hope to perhaps get there for thursday night.

The Williams said...

For the past couple of weeks, whenever I would think about Kit's brave battle and the pain he was enduring as he kept pouring out his Christ-like love to us all, I would listen to the following song to remind me of what lies ahead for all of us called according to His purpose. Though the lyrics are from Chris Tomlin, I felt as though Kit was singing them...

There's a peace I've come to know
Though my heart and flesh may fail
There's an anchor for my soul
I can say "It is well"

Jesus has overcome
And the grave is overwhelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the dead

And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will rise on eagles' wings
Before my God fall on my knees
And rise
I will rise

There's a day that's drawing near
When this darkness breaks to light
And the shadows disappear
And my faith shall be my eyes

And I hear the voice of many angels sing,
"Worthy is the Lamb"
And I hear the cry of every longing heart,
"Worthy is the Lamb"

And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will rise on eagles' wings
Before my God fall on my knees
And rise
I will rise.

Father, we thank You for Kit: his life, his love, and his passion. We take great comfort knowing we will rise to meet You, because Your Son has risen for us.

To the Lauer family, we love you so very, very much. We are crying for you and with you and will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

Todd, Laura, TJ and Jason

Anonymous said...

we visited last october.
From Washington (Seattle)
I barely know any of you.
but there is a spiritual connection between us and this church.
I weeped for grief and for joy at the news of Kit's passing.
Our hearts are knitted to your church.
even now, I am wiping away tears trying to type this.
the three weeks my family spent in maui was highlighted by our experience at your church.
My heart is full knowing that our God knows where Maui is and he is very present in your body.
Kit; I never knew you but I witnessed your life enough to know you in spirit, and I love you.
We will be in maui again, and we will come and go..unnoticed.
but be assured that your God is very close to you .

Anonymous said...

Love You Pastor Kit! I will miss you so much....
Love you Shelly, you and your family are in my prayers.

Chantelle Almeida

Coconut Girl Connie said...

The Lord bless and keep Kit's family. I have never met you, but have been a part of Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay for 24 years, and have heard of Kit and how the Lord has used him over the years. We have an awesome God who gives us awesome encouragers and teachers like Kit. Thank you Lord. God Bless you, Shelly, Maisha and Mickey.