Monday, April 13, 2009

Want to Listen to Kit's Good Friday Message? Now Available Online

Good Friday Service Now Available to listen to 
at Hope Chapel Website.  
Click here to go there.


Donna Striha said...

Every Christmas our family travels from Western Canada, escaping the cold, to spend 3 glorious weeks on Maui.

This year we noticed Hope Chapel as we drove by on the highway. I went to the website to find out service times etc. and we attended Christmas Eve service there.

It was so GREAT that the following Sunday I returned, it was then I heard about Kit Lauer, when the pastor shared the progress of the medical treatment he was receiving on Oahu.

Since returning home in January I have listened to messages from time to time while I work at my computer.

I need to tell you Kit that your messages have been such a HUGE blessing. God has used you in ways you do not even know about, and it is on my heart to tell you that those messages were such a gift to me. Your steadfast faith and tender love for Jesus is so beautiful.

I spent 2 months in Uganda last year and during my time there I was so amazed by the grace and strength of the people.

I can hear that sweet strength, that grace in your messages Kit, and I know it is found only in Christ. I thank you for your authentic and heartfelt testimony, your honesty and vulnerability, and above all for sharing your heart for Jesus.

Be Blessed Kit!
Donna Striha
Kelowna, BC

Joe and Karen said...

Your message was beautiful, Kit. I am so glad we were able to get it here in Virginia. You are such a source of hope and faith. We love you and give thanks for you.

Anonymous said...

checking in to see how you are doing kit. i love you so much.

Tara said...

Aloha Kit,
This is my blog called I am delighted I have dedicated today's post to you. Thank you for being who you are and for letting me walk alongside you, as you journey down this road of life.

With warmest regards to you, Shelly and family,
Tara Brock : )

Anonymous said...
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