Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thoughts From Ray Mains

We all know that the Lord as a plan for all of us. We are told this many times and sometimes in many ways. Well last night surely was one to those ways.....of "His Good Planning."
  1. The Lord called Dr. Kit home to be with Him last night, His Plan.
  2. The Lord had many of us at Friday night service (which Kit started) together to praise Dr. Kit for the many things he has been doing to serve the Lord and help many of us in many different way, for some time now, Good Planning.
  3. Dr. Kit going home to be with the Lord at about the same time (after 7:00pm) he would be up there in front of us teaching us more about our Lord, Good Planning.
  4. Many of us were there and had the opportunity to hear the news about Kit going home at the same time together, just Good Planning, how fortunate it was that so many of us were and could be together hearing the news and being able to comfort each other. Just darn Good Planning.
  5. I'm so glad I was there with the others, and could listen to all that was being shared, in how this man, Dr. Kit has effected so many...Good Planning.
  6. Just about a month ago the Lord told me to get the mission photos (slide film of four trips with Kit, to PI ) together and start scanning that I would need to be able to share them with many, so I did, I had told my wife (Dawn) about this message and only her.
  • month ago got them all together
  • left for mainland a couple weeks ago
  • after return got another message to finish them up.
  • Wednesday night (4/22/09) stayed up late getting them ready for scanning.
  • Thursday morning (4/23/09) at 05:30am starting scanning, finished about 100 slides about 2:00pm and delivered them to Ben at Hope Chapel.
  • Ben asked, "can you talk a little about the slides and some of your time with Kit?", I said no, the Lord said yes, and so I did, Good Planning.
Thank you Lord for your Good Planning. Thank you Dr. Kit for all that you have ya.

Yes well will miss him...
Capt. Ray

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you posted this comment for all to see.
It stood out for me among all the moving comments and through my broken heart I have hung onto this comment all day long, as a shining miraculous reminder of God’s beautiful plans for all of us. Kit going home on his Friday night. All of us gathered together to ensure we would not face the news alone.

We attended last night’s service, keeping our three young children up far
past their bedtimes because we HAD to attend the Expression Session in Kit’s honour. It was Kit’s passion for the Lord, intelligence, hilarity as a speaker and powerful ability to reach into the most private struggles of our hearts with his messages that brought us to our knees before the Lord asking him into our lives 9 years ago one Friday night.

As we bundled our 2,4 and 6 year old into their car seats last night they
witnessed our sorrow and asked what was wrong. We shared that
the man we were there to celebrate had died.

One child immediately said “that is so cool, everyone was all together at church for him”
and our four year old followed by declaring with great excitement: “Mama – he gets to see GOD’s face!!!”. In their innocence they saw right through to the joy of Kit being with GOD.

Right now we cannot bear to think of our lives without Kit’s teachings but we will trust in GOD’s plan.

Our prayers are especially with Kit’s family.

The Ryden Family