Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Note From Maisha (taken from her post on Facebook)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted you all to know that, after a year struggle with leukemia, my beloved dad passed away friday night at 7:40 pm. He passed away right about the same time that he would normally be getting up to give his message on friday night. He had been in a lot of pain the last few days and he really wanted to go home. On friday he was in excruciating pain in his head and was sick for hours...we think that he had a brain hemorrhage. My mom and I, aunt Becky and uncle Buddy, and the main pastor of our church were all there. I'm thankful that he is with Jesus now and in no pain at all. My dad was such a wonderful dad to me though and my heart is broken.

The memorial service is this thurs at 6pm at Hope Chapel. You might be able to watch it live through facebook on "The Gathering Maui" or possibly on the Hope Chapel Website ( You can also check out

Thanks for all of the love and prayers...we really feel them. and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read the notes and comments. I'm sorry I can't respond to each and every one...but I am deeply appreciative.

p.s. I'm attaching a photo of my dad "preaching" at Mars Hill in Athens like Paul of the Bible did :) No need for that anymore finished the race just like Paul, and you made it!!!!


Joe and Karen said...

It is not easy saying goodbye to your dad. He was the greatest man we have ever known, and your comparison to St. Paul is a good one. Your dad served Jesus and never wavered to his last breath. What an incredible privilege to have known him.I am so glad we are going to get to be part of this precious memorial service via FB The Gathering. We've watched several services this way, and it's almost like being there. We wish we could be present to love you and support you and pay tribute to this most amazing man, but please know that our hearts are with you every moment. We know that your dad's absence will be as large as his presence was, and we know that hurts deeply. We just send our love and comfort and understanding and hope that helps just a bit. There will be no true cure for that ache till we are all reunited, but we know that day is coming.
We love the Lauer Family.
The Johnsons

Anonymous said...

Maisha, I can not truly express the sadness we feel at this time and even though we found out Kit went to be with the Lord early Sat morning I could not respond till now. It was an honor being able to know and listen to your dad. We just ask for prayer for all the family because the hurt and sadness will be with you for awhile, as we well know. We will be there in spirit Thur. evening.
Kit will be greatly missed as a husband, father and friend to many.
We love You All
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...


How blessed you are to have your precious parents in Kit and Shelly.
God really loves you so much to have put you in their lifes to love and cherish. You are an awesome daughter - your love comes through these pages so strongly - we can feel it strsight ot our hearts.

We will always pray for you and your family and know that God has blessed you all mightily.

Love you guys,
Carole and Thom

Heather said...


Your dad was an amazing man who touched so many people's lives. He will only be remembered in all his glory and for every word he allowed God to speak through him, we honor him. We will be there for the Memorial Service to celebrate your dad's amazing life and to reflect on everything he has taught us. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Much Love,
The McComas Ohana

Lee and Renee said...

Dear Maisha and Family,
Our hearts hurt with yours. We just want you to know that we love you all very much and if there was a way we could lighten the sorrow we would. Praying for each of you constantly with love,
Lee and Renee

Anonymous said...


I never met your father personally yet I felt very close to him. The sense of love and spirit that came from him warmed my heart the minute I heard about his story. He has touched the lives of two people we love very much and we are so thankful for him and his amazing gifts. May God guide you through this tough time and lift you up.


Anonymous said...

our hearts are with you .our love for your dad and his blessings are as eternal as he is.
he baptized us several years ago. his words,enthusiasm,humour,and support have made a huge impact on our lives and marriage.
we left for the mainland last thursday for a wedding and some family time in oregon.
we lift you in prayer as those left behind grieve,while heaven is rejoicing with the arrival home of an incredible man of God.
we will watch the memorial on the computer.
praying for your comfort and peace as you walk through this grieving process.Christ will be there with His arms tightly around you.
with love in Christ,
susie and steve oswald