Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey folks, Josh writing for Kit...
Make sure to invite anybody and everybody to our new series, True Love. We just had a meeting today about the first message in the series. Maisha's puppy, Zoey was in attendance, licking everyone. Ben will be interviewing Kit about his recent experiences and how they helped to reveal Christ's true love to him, and Kit will be wrapping up the message, bringing the point home. The message this Friday will be titled, "The Problem," followed by "Freedom" on March 27th, with special music by David Tomaoka, "Learning to Let Go," on April 3rd, and finishing up on Good Friday, April 10th, with the message, "The Day True Love Died."
Invite cards will be available from your greeters and at the info booth. We had 2,000 printed, so use them!
I'm so happy Kit is doing what the Lord laid on his heart to do...to keep teaching!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Josh for the update. It is indeed awesome that Kit is doing what the Lord laid upon his heart.

Kit, we are still praying for the miracle of total and complete healing that can be done from God our Father. What an awesome God we serve!!!!

Susan, Chris, Nathan

Robyn Iaea said...

We love you, Kit! Keep sharing the word and blessing God's people--you inspire all of us and we will not stop praying for you.

Love in Christ,
Robyn & Halii

Joe and Karen said...

We love you, Kit. We continue to pray and uphold you. This takes incredible strength and selflessness, and we thank you for going the extra, extra mile for us. You are awesome!!

James Taylor said...

Brother Kit,You are amazing and we all know it not only your strength but strength from the FATHER above who holds the key!...and has blessed us with you and your teachings and lifelong quest to fulfill His word and to reveal His son through your life and words!!Love you brah..James