Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Series

My dad started the first part of the new series "True Love" this past Friday, as he spoke about the problem that all human kind have. He established that the major problem is that of the heart...according to the Bible, the heart is contaminated by sin and the cure is Christ. He spoke about the fact that we all need to realize that we have this problem before we can ask God for help.
This next Friday night message will be on freedom. My dad wants you all to know that many people think Jesus established a religion, but if you really look at his teachings, he was opposed to religion. In fact, he saw it as a burden that detracted from their relationship or pursuit of God. Religion enslaves people by rules and regulations, but God is after a personal relationship with us that truly frees us from these things.
My dad wants you all to know that real freedom is found when we find true love...and that true love is found in the heart of Christ. He frees us from religion and empowers us to live a fulfilling life here on earth as well as eternity. We want to keep inviting friends and family to come...especially on Good Friday.
Looking forward to seeing all of you!
with love,


michael, ciara and mikaela said...

here are our hugs for you, and give your daddy some for us too please! we love you and are thinking of you everyday, praying for God's miracle. thank you uncle kit for keeping your eyes always on the truth & love of our Father, and reminding us to do the same. you are truly amazing, and we are so thankful for you!
hugs & lots of love,
ciara, michael & mikaela

p.s. the other day mikaela asked "when are we were going to see uncle papa kit?"

Anonymous said...

Kit, I gotta tell you this story. Ken and I were having coffee at Starbucks, reviewing for MAG that week. A man, whom we see there frequenty, approaced us asking, "you go to Hope Chapel?" Yes, we replied. He continues on, asking "what was going on? I saw all the cars, so I stopped in." Smiling, we told him about you. He told us he went inside and was quite taken by all the people sitting in the isles and filling the place." The next time I saw him I handed him your True Love card and invited him for the series. :) Your stuggle with cancer is reaching so many for the Kingdom Kit, they are coming out of the woodwork!
Love you, Freckles