Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kit teaching Sunday

Although I haven't had a lot of strength these last few days I have moments of energy and great joy having my family around me and your constant love and care through e-mails, blog comments, cards letters, etc...I am working on the message for this Sunday (two services) ...I would like to ask for your continued prayers and support for me to have the strength to deliver the message. I find no greater joy than being used by God in this way. I will be sharing about the peaks and valleys of life. Like many of us, I have experienced both the peaks and the dark valleys of life and my desire is to apply God’s Word to our hearts and minds in such a way as to bring light into the darkness and encouragement to our souls.

With great love and in great appreciation for your love, prayers and support,


michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Yeah! We are so excited to have the priviledge of hearing you speak! We are praying for your strength and comfort. We love you more than you know, and it is an honor to be able to hear the Word of the Lord through you!

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

You are awesome Kit!! Love you and will continue to pray you get up on that pulpit jumping with energy!! xxxooo

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

I can't wait, Kit. I am anticipating helping Joe Johnson with worship during the two services. Lu and I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

I have been fighting illness too for 11 years. I never could have imagined that I would still be here with my friends and family still fighting. Your teachings have gotten me through this fight and have brought light to my sole more than you can ever imagine.

Thank you. Please keep fighting you bring so much light and Glory to God. I'm always praying for you. You are so awesome!


Joe and Karen said...

Praying for you on Sunday, Kit. You know, for all of us, it's enough for you to show up! You can be wordless and we would applaud! You can stand on the stage and wave like the Pope and we would cheer madly. We just like you being among is enough. Oh, and you say we get a sermon too? WOW.
Lots and lots of love.

mauimoss said...

Awsome news Kit!!!

Today is wednsday, and after reading that you will be sharing your life......your everlasting love......and your inspiration with us on Sunday just made my week!!

I really look forward to this, I know that all 1,500 people sunday will completely relate to you on this sharing time!!

Our glorious Lord will be really healing wounds this weekend!!


Robert Moss

Anonymous said...

Sunday,Sunday, Sunday,hurry and get here! To have Kit speaking and Joe and Bill leading worship is spine tingling anticipation!!! I keep you and your entire family in my prayers.You have touched our lives in so many ways and our love is deep.Joyce S.

Dave and Kerri Joy said...

We wouldn't miss it!

You continue to inspire us and bring our hearts deep peace...

See you on Sunday!

Dave and Kerri

james taylor said...

Kit, my beloved brother ....I am forever praying for UR strengh and a total healing cause I know whatever I ask He will give me I am sooooo looking forward to Sun.not only to learn from you but to hold you and cry with all joy upon seeing you again!!! I love you my brother. James Taylor

Anonymous said...

We are on Maui now for our 6 week yearly escape from Chicago. We are praying praying praying for you so we can hear you speak on Sunday. This is the best news we have gotten since arriving here last week.

Mike and Barb from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Pastor Kit,
The evidence of Gods Mighty Greatness in you is so powerful. We continue not only praying for Gods Strength & Fullness of Healing upon your body but as you have been preparing for this Sundays message, it will be "such a time in HIS PRESENCE - (Word of God Speak)". Just another opportunity of Gods goodness being utilized in a faithful servant.

We love you; Tony & Lisha