Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 17: This is Maisha writing for Kit:
He says, "at first it was hard to wrap my head and heart around the terrible news we just got. I realize that in my own power, my heart would faint, but God strengthens me when I am weak because He holds my heart in His hands. I really believe that. I know that in the trial I am facing, should it end in death (which I don't really believe it is God's will at this point) but even then like Jesus says, "Even if a man dies, yet shall he live because he believes in me" (John 11) and I believe this.
As you know I'm doing a second round of chemotherapy probably starting on tues. Right now they are treating me for an infection. They can't start the chemo until they get the infection under control. Please pray for that.
I'm still getting all kinds of wonderful blog comments, emails, letters and guys are just pouring out your hearts to me and I feel it. I feel like Moses when he sent Joshua into battle and stood on the mountainside holding up his staff...his arms would weaken and the Israelites would start to lose the Aaron and Hur would hold up his arms when they got tired and they would begin to win again. So, please don't give up on praying for me because your prayers are what is holding me up just like Aaron and Hur held Moses up.
I love you guys!!!


Joe and Karen said...

Kit, we count it a privilege to hold your arms up as you fight this battle. The saints everywhere are praying for you. We get one report after another of groups of people all over the country that are praying for you. We are storming the gates of heaven with prayer for your healing.

We have a good God who loves you and hears those prayers. We will just keep trusting you to His trustworthy love.

Our hearts wrap around all the Lauers right now...this is a trial and a half for an incredibly strong family. We support everyone of you right now. You are so deeply loved.

Joe and Karen

wes, lori, noah, and alexa said...

aloha kit,
my family's prayer is for you to do God's work there and to bring you back home to finish your mission here. our faithful Father couldnt have found a better and well equipped person than you to do his work brother! He knows that there is lots of His work to be done here and He will need you to be apart of it. So finish up strong there brother and by our Gracious God's will, i will see you back here real soon! lots of love and prayers, wes, lori, noah, and alexa

Ben Anderson said...

I will be praying for You, Shelly, Maisha and Mikey daily.
And I look forward to reading your blog each and everyday. Through all of your hardship right now you are still teaching me.
I love you Kit Lauer!!!


Anonymous said...

Although our hearts are heavy with the recent news, we won't lose heart and will keep praying and believing. God is so good and His mercy endures forever.

Love you all,
Cliff & Jeri

Vickie Hinton said...

Hi Kit,

I am so sad knowing that you are going through all of this.

You are a mighty man of God and show it extremely well with your reactions to each step you take in this process. Thank-you for showing us how how a true disciple of God handles very tough situations.

I agree with you......I don't believe that God is finished with you yet. I can't wait to see you back on that stage making us all laugh while the Word of God is presented so eloquently.

With much love to you and your family,

Vickie Hinton

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Aloha Kit, Shelly and Family,
I echo Joe and is truly a privilege to hold your arms up. I can't imagine the show of people who feel the same. We pray for you Kit and for your family daily. We believe that God continues to give you the strength to fight this battle and we will not stop praying for you, your family and your recovery. You are loved and needed.
Doreen and Charlie Barnhart

Debbie said...

Hi Kit -

Know that we pray for you and your family constantly. And if God takes you to the 11th hour then to the 11th hour we go with you!!!


Anonymous said...

We too had a hard time hearing the unwanted news!

We are in this battle with you.

Love you!!! We pray for your family daily.

Please do not give up, we all need you!


Anonymous said...


My prayers are with you. You have helped our family with an amazing blessing of faith. Now we will use our faith to lift you up. God bless you:)

Lisa said...

I continue to pray for you and your family every chance I get. Maisha's optometry school had a talent show tonight and I ran into some of our classmates--you have a whole bunch of optometrists thinking and praying for you!!!!!!! They all wanted you to know they keep up with Maisha's facebook messages and have been thinking/praying for you since you started your first chemo.

May God finally get rid of your pesky infections so you can move on to stage 2. I pray that you all be allowed to get some peaceful rest tonight so you can all keep fighting this battle.

Love, Lisa E.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong my brother!!

Our family is praying for you!

Justin & Kristen

Anonymous said...

kit, the lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you ..his strengh is made perfect in weakness...he will help you becaouse ALL his promises are true.. to kits family we are praying for..let kit know we love him your family is very special to us ..the lord bless you kits family...aloha the plunketts John Flo Leilani val

gary_workman said...

Hi Kit,
When I was praying for you today the story of King David came to mind when his town of Ziklag was attacked. In 1 Samuel 30 it says "But David found strength in the Lord his God." I think you have demonstrated that same strength to everyone Kit. We on the outside find it very difficult to understand all you're going through but I do understand this; that you have just as much if not more, the heart of David.
Our love and prayers,
Gary Workman

David said...

Kit, I am strengthened by your words knowing that you are continuing to "work" as the fields are ripe. So many hurting, although not all are physical your prayers are encouraging and have eternal consequences!

I will be bombarding heaven along with others to thank the Lord for what He is already done for you. The healing is done and in His perfect time I believe it will be revealed so that many will come to see His amazing love. Keep on lovin' on them Kit because that is what they need to see, the healing will be icing on the cake.

Your brother,
David Blaeholder

Sarah said...

Dear Kit and family

We want to send you a big hug and let you know our prayers are with you. Eric is fasting for you this week and the kids and I are working on some stuff to send you.

I am sending you a link that you should seriously read and consider. I was talking with a friend who is an advocate of some alternative medicine and being that I now have 3 friends with cancer and am assigned guardian for one of these friend's children, I have started doing some research on cancer therapies. I have found some promising reviews on the use of whole leaf aloe vera juice and wanted to send this info to you and all those I know seeking whatever it takes to fight this evil thing called cancer that is attacking people left and right these days.

Know that our hearts are with you and we hope to see you again here, at home, soon.


Sarah Therkildsen
ps. i sent this by email also