Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maisha here writing from the hospital room. This is my dad's second day of chemotherapy. Tomorrow will be his last. He is doing well right now but the chemo takes a while to hit his body full on and it will stay in his body for a while.
My dad says he loves you all!


Anonymous said...

we love you kit. we're praying for you. we know God is protecting you. we love you so much! luv, manasseh nichols

Anonymous said...

We love you too Kit...Thanks Maisha for being such a loyal scribe and loving daughter. Hugs to all the Lauers. We are praying for all of you!

The Wilson Family

Lisa Bryant said...

What a good report! Thanks for the updates Maisha. Keep them coming. Kit, I'm praying for you as the Lord "reboots" your system! :)

Lisa Bryant

Lisa said...

I've been holding my breath all day--such a sigh of relief to know things are on track right now.

Always praying,
Lisa E.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline says;

We love you
We see you loving God
We see all your strength
We see you fighting the good fight.
We see your example of a Godly family bonding together in times strife.
We see your church family working together to give above and beyond their wildest dreams.
We see the immeasurable joy that it has bought to the family and to God to see his family work together.

Anonymous said...

Maisha,you are the "ultimate" daughter,how blessed your parents are to have you there for them!Keep up the good work!
Kit,I heard a great message from Jerry Coffee recently.He told of his 7 years in the "Hanoi Hilton" as a prisoner of war.Every Sunday,thru a tapping code process,at a certain time,each cell mate all up and down the system would stand and repeat the 23rd.Psalm at the same time.The prisoners could not hear each other,but just knowing they were all doing this together,was a real boost.Be assured that 100's of Hope Chapel members are lifting you and your family up in prayer daily,hourly-(day and night)! Lovingly,Joyce Spencer

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Aloha Lauers,

Loving you all
Praying for all of you


lorensaved77 said...

Hi Maisha
Thanks for keeping us posted.
Praying all day and even during the night sometimes...We love you guys! Keep strong!
Love, Blessings, and Aloha,
The Loren Family

Lee and Renee said...

Thank you Maisha! We are praying with all our hearts! We love you Kit and we love you Shelly, Maisha and Mikey
Lee and Renee

james taylor said...

kit,my prayers are always with you...I pray for this trial to bring glory to God with a full recovery and your words of life returning to Hope Chapels halls soon...cause we all have much to learn from you.love &God Bless James taylor

Anonymous said...

Maisha, we are praying for you all, and of course most of all for your dad.
We love you soooooooooo much!

The Pat Blog said...

right on. good news. we keep on praying. last night was a good session here in Germany.

blessings & strength,
Patric +

Pam Michael said...

God's continual Blessings to you, Kit ...
David and I (Pam) are praising the Lord for all that He's doing through you, Kit (and family/friends), in the midst of this incredible hardship you're all undergoing. We know the Bible tells us that "God's ways are not man's", and this present trial is just proving that even more. But we PRAISE HIM that He is sustaining you, Kit and Shelly and and Maisha and Mike, etc, and using all of you to bring HOPE and STRENGTH to all of us.

PRAYING for you, and PRAISING GOD with you,
Pam, David & Shaylee Grace Michael

PS ~ The church here in Camp Verde, Arizona, that David has recently begun to pastor ("Pilgrim's Trail Bible Fellowship"), is also keeping all of you lifted up in prayer!

Anonymous said...

Aloha my friend, You & your beautiful family are in our prayers as we seek God's healing hand to touch you! We love you!
Kealani, Leila & Chris

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

Kit, Shelley and Maisha,
The Kepler family can't wait to DEVOUR the words in this blog each day. From you it has taken on a wonderful life, and is surely a witness to hundreds, nay thousands of the Saints around the planet. Thanks.
Kit, your words on Saturday are so full of your love, your brilliance, your intensity, your urgency. Lu says it's like a modern day letter from Paul. . . the Epistle of Saint Kit. We cherish that letter and will re-read it many times. Love from the Keplers.

Anonymous said...

Brother Kit and family, I am praying for GOD to continue to give you strength while going through this treatment.GOD is faithful!

Love you
Ben Anderson....

Heather said...

We are praying for a powerful round of chemo!! God can do amazing things!!
Lots of love and aloha, Heather Overholt

Anonymous said...

We echo the sentiments of the Keplers. We also look forward to the next epistle from St. Kit to the Hope Chapelonians on the planet in 2008.
Love Never Fails
Terry Gerry Chad & Whitney

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit & family

John said little children love one another. Surely you and your family have loved me, not with words or tongue but with actions and in truth, and in your lives, i have received God's love throug you!

You are loved today, by me, by all of us in our imperfect ways, and by our God and Father who is perfect in his love. And by His son who embodied that love by joining us on earth and then descending into hell for three days before he rose victorious.

Kit as your body suffers through its days of chemo hell, I pray that your spirit would rest in Him who is perfect love and peace. and you and your whole family would all see the power and the majesty of God in surprising ways.

love you much!
nancy baker

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit, just wanted you to know that many at Waipuna Chapel are praying for you!

Aloha ke Akua,
tim walsh for Waipuna Chapel

abbieorpia said...

My love and prayers are along with everyone else!!! I pray for continual strength for yo all and that hope would rest in your hearts and grace cover you all like a blanket of rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbie Orpia

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you, Kit, and your wonderful family. We love you.
Sending our hugs, blessings and love,
Travis, Lisa, & co.