Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Update-Chemotherapy Day

My dad start his chemotherapy treatment tonight at around 6 pm.
It will be a 3 day treatment and will be around 10 times stronger than the first round.
If at any time, we need your prayers now.
We need the Lord to give Kit strength to get through and survive the chemo treatment intself and all of the complications that it causes by killing off all his blood cells. Following that, we pray that the chemo will work in the bone marrow this time.
Thank you!!
With much love,


Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Praying praying praying for your dad Maisha. I love you and your family so much. You are amazing Maisha! Keep hanging in there! You are a strong beautifu wonderful woman! Love you! Love Nicole

Lisa Bryant said...

Okay, prayer warriors 'round the world, let's all fast, beginning at 6pm Monday, for 1, 2, 3 days or longer if you can. We beseech You, LORD, to heal Kit, and to continue to lay a blanket of peace and hope over his immediate family. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Amen.

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Aloha Lauers,

We are in your court with prayers, love and support. There is nothing new that can be many people have expressed what we are all feeling.


God be near you all as you begin this part of the journey!

You are always on my mind!!!

Love to you all,


Lita said...


Anonymous said...


nichols family

Bradley & Liza said...

... praying....

Dahl said...


Kathy Englert said...

Kit I think of the verse in Hebrews that says we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses! You indeed are surrounded! We love you and the the great cloud is praying for you now.
You and Shelly are dearly loved.

Lisa said...

May Kit be raised up by all of us so You can comfort him and help take his pain away during these next hard, hard days.

Keeping my fingers crossed as I pray for health and healing,

Lisa E

Anonymous said...

Don & Laura

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Kit
Always on my mind!
It's 7:00pm, your well into it by now....PRAYING...
Love you,
Nancy and Family

Mele said...

Praying for you Kit. Praying for you Shelly and family.

Love you guys,

Mele & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Love, hope, peace to you all.
Randy & Julie

Anonymous said... Lord sustaining grace for Kit. Pour it on .....He is our strength and our shield, an ever present help in time of trouble.
Kelly and Jan

Daniel said...

Dear Kit and family- The Church here in Alaska is praying for you. Our hearts are with you as well. W e will be coming in a few weeks and will see you face to face then all or love to you. Daniel Bracken Family and Kings Chapel Alaska

Anonymous said...

I am in your prayer corner with a host of others praying. May you all feel HIM holding you up. love and prayers to you all tweety

Anonymous said...

praying today, will be praying tonight with some friends from the next village.

I think of a huge day in Hanalei Bay, being out without a board... ya gotta keep comin up for a big breath of Jesus then swim down deep. Remember, the waves always come in sets, then they stop for a moment...

lovin you with prayer from Germany,
Patric, Coco, Sophia, Francesca & friends

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,
My prayers, all day are for you, the love of our Lord reaches out to you as your every breath breathes His Love for you and your family. I pray for peace and comfort for you as your physical body endures the world but as your spirit flies so close to the Lord. I Love you KIT! My prayers are constant!

rhonda, Scott, Marina and Celia

Valeria said...

Dear Kit, Shelly, Maisha and Mike

The Strand Family are praying for all of you!!

Kit...YOU ARE A SPECIAL PLAYER IN OUR TEAM!! Keep are going to make it!!
We love you and we miss you!

Aloha from Maui!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you,Kit.Maisha I know this is hard for you and your mom and brother ,it is terrible to see a loved one so close to you go through all this ,but you all are doing so well ,keeping us updated I know how hard this must be ,I pray that God will give you all strength,and that he will take away any fear or doubts you might have,and that you can all continue to be with Kit in these very hard days to come ,and we will ask Jesus to make those days as comfortable as possible ,we love you all ,Anuschka , Alex and Mikela

Justin Lee Saunders said...

Love you Kit! And all you Lauers!!! Prayer has continued for you all and will continue till the Lord tells me to stop. You are loved always!!!!
With Hope.
Your Intern,
Justin Lee.

Anonymous said...

We feel a loss for words sometimes but prayer...oh how easily that comes. May it give you strength at this time of need. Nick and Sharon from Colorado

Mele said...

A good Word:)

How blessed is he who considers the helpless;
The Lord will deliver him in a day of trouble.
The Lord will protect him, and keep him alive,
And he shall be called blessed upon the earth;
And do not give him over to the desire of his enemies.
The Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed;
In his illness, Thou dost restore him to health.

Psallm 41:1-3




Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,
It seems like it was only yesterday when we were going to Bible Study at your house, going through the Book of Acts. Shelly made sure everyone felt at home. Mikey was running around and Maisha was doing her stretches. I was having my doubts, saying "Kit, why does all powerful and all loving God allow such suffering suffering?" Although you said the words, they were the words of Christ. Thanks for your counsel.It was a divine appointment. We are praying.
Love Gerry & Terry

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit,
My devotional today is for you,
The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. Psalm 28:7
He is our God of all comfort.
He is bigger than the 10 times stronger chemo. May the Lord cover you in this battle.
Lifting you, Shelly, Maisha and all family up in prayer, Love you!

bonjo said...

our love and blessings...
bonjo, najona and tori

Anonymous said...

Kit and family:

I continue with you in prayer, and I will fast in Kit's honor to our Lord, our mighty physician and Healer. We all stand with you guys.
Love, Freckles

Mike Leonard said...

We are praying.....
Love, Susan and Mike

Richard said...

Faith Love and Hope from here in LA. Love you Uncle Kit. Mean it.


michael, ciara & mikaela said...

We are in ever so fervent prayer for you Uncle Kit! May the Love of the Father cover every inch of your body and mind.
We love you so much, how much more does the Father!!!
~ciara, michael and mikaela

Mark said...

Joanne & I are praying for you Kit!

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers.
We love you dude.Stay strong
Mike & Debie Amby

Cheryl said...

To the entire Lauer Family,
The von Kugler family is praying for all of you during this time. Our God is HUGE and he will comfort you all.
Mark and Cheryl