Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Message from "Bubble Boy" :)

My dad feels like "bubble boy" right now because he is isolated in his room...his white blood cell (fighter cells) count is at 0.6 which is low but normal after chemotherapy...and the count is continuing to fall (which they actually like to see). so, we have to be really careful that he doesn't catch any bad infections.
This is day 9 and on day 14 or 15 the bone marrow test will be done. that test will be the "moment of truth" which will tell us if the cancer is in remission…if it is and let it be so LORD, to your glory, then Kit will begin to make arrangements to go to City of Hope.
This is what my Dad has told me, "I feel unworthy to benefit from the children who have suffered and their parents with them..friends and families, who have worked and given of their time and resources to develop the technology and knowledge to fight leukemia that we have today…I feel so broken and humbled and so unworthy."
We love all of you!
Maisha and Kit


Anonymous said...

Kit & Maisha,

Thank you for your posts. It is so great that we can all keep in touch. Keep on posting,it really helps us to focus our prayers for your benefit and for the Glory of God!

I wish I could fully express just how often God places you on my heart, and how often we lift you in prayer Kit. I am specifically praying for good, restful sleep, protection from infection and that God is so close you can see and truly feel His comfort.

Carrol Wilson & Ohana

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit and maisha ,

I am so glad you are dong better after a rough week ,you look great !!thank you Maisha for keeping us updated ,I check everyday for new messages .I know it must be hard to be a bubble boy especially for you Kit,but soon you be walking out of there and be hugging everybody again ,but till then built up your strenght and be ready for the next step ,I hope shelly will be able to join you soon again because I know how much you want her there ,you and your family are in our daily prayers ,we love you Anuschka,Alex and Mikela

Mele said...

Dear Bubble Boy,

It is soooo good to see you. I've been wondering how you felt being in your room with little to no visitors. Thanks for the good cheer as we appreciate all your scriptures and encouraging words to us and we never get tired of the updates. In fact we need them to stay strong and focused on our prays for you and the family.

We love you,

Mele & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit and Family,

You are more than worthy of the Lord blessing!!!

As I drove into town yesterday 2 rainbows were in full view... what a sight! A reminder to me that God is in the midst of this trial Kit! It is our prayer that Jesus will be glorified through your actions and your words. I know that although you are confined to your room your witness goes WAY beyond those 4 walls!!!

To you my friend here is a BIG CYBER SPACE HUG!

You just give the word when you are heading to City of Hope and I will let "my people know you are coming!!!" ( Big Smiley Face )

May the Joy of the Lord fill your room!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit,

What a blessing to see your smiling face. It brought smiles and tears of joy. However, as I pray for you throughout everyday, I recall visions of you which warm my heart. My family and I miss you dearly Kit. We miss how God would speak to us through your joyous God given personality. You bring Christ's joy into every sermon you give. You have become a mentor, teacher, discipler to us. We love you so much.
You may not know this but when we decided to return to Hope Chapel and plug in,a big reason was your style of teaching on Fri. nights. I have watched my wife become a P-31 wife largely due to the teaching and feeding and love you have poured into her. It is good for you to also know that many men and their families have come to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord and have been baptized directly by your pouring your love, encouragement and Christ's teachings into me. And, the work continues and is growing fruit. Thank you for being that vessel for Jesus.
May the joy of the Lord fall upon you. May the love of Christ envelope you. May the Holy Spirit be filled within you. May you and your family be overwhelmed with a peace beyond all understanding. May it be within Gods will that you will be healed completely as a testimony for our loving God. May you enjoy many more rich days to bring the truth of Christ' salvation to this needy world. We wll continue to pray for you and your ohana.

Love, eddie kim and ohana

Lisa said...

It is true that many families have come before you to allow you a wonderful chance at a complete remission and a full life---but you will serve as a hero and mentor to many others who will have to face the dreaded "C-word" after you. You remind us all how precious life is and how present God is in our lives.

Less than a week before the big bone marrow test--I pray that your recovery is as quick and complete as Mike Rouse's. And we all will pray that you find a suitable bone marrow donor.

--Lisa E. :)

Jeri said...

Thanks for all the updates and for the picture. It brought tears to my eyes. We love you and we're praying for all of you!

Cliff & Jeri

Fishers Of Men said...

Hi Kit,
I know Buddy isn't there to play for you right now. Saw/heard this video tonight and thought of you.

Don't know if you can get there or have someone get there for you, but there's a worship song by Kari Jobe I believe you will really like. Wish I could imbed it in this post but it won't let me.

Your picture this morning made me cry just to see your smiling face again. Yes, you're smiling.

See you soon my brother. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I am Kyle Knight's Mom here in California. I am praying for you and I KNOW God is so awesome! WHEN you get to Calif. for the bone marrow treatment, we are available to help in anyway possible. "Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength!"
Patty Barton

Catherine Horneman said...

Kit and Maisha,
We truely are grateful for each and every update and for you. Our hearts go out to you during this time. We think of you so often through out the day and offer prayer of praise for you and request healing and strength. We are grateful you had a little better night and will pray for the fever to stay down and infection to say away, and that you would know how close Jesus is even in your great suffering. As we watch you fight this battle, we are encouraged by your attitude of surrender. Love from Colorado, Bill and Cathy Horneman

Liza's Eyeview said...


I have a blogging friend whos family is very dedicated to raising funds for Lukemia research for cure. I am sure they are happy to know that you're benefiting from their hardwork. I'm pretty sure that when you get well and back to Maui, you will pay it forward by helping others just as you always have done.

kellinboyz said...

Hey Kit, just sending you a big Torrez family hug.I remeber six years ago my first night on Maui. I walked into Hope Chapel broken, alone, feeling unwanted and unworthy of everyone and everything.You gave a message of Hope and love. You told me that I was worthy of every good blessing from God. All of the people that you have raised up are now with you in prayer. No fear,No worry, No doubt. You will be healed and what an amazing testimony that will be.

Sending tons of love and prayer to you all

Bill Kepler said...

Hi, Bubbly boy. What a geat name for you! You're one of the bubblyest people I know.

You and I have always had a special bond because of our same-aged daughters whom we love so much. You can be proud now of the great job she's doing in keeping us informed. Keep it up Maisha.
Love, Bill Kepler

Christina said...

Hey "Bub",

Mary and I are still praying for you!

We love you

Knowles Ohana