Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First, we want to say...thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers for neutrophils. They doubled in one day. It is still low...but such an improvement. He is on the road to being able to start the 2nd chemotherapy treatment. We just continue to pray for more neutrophils and no fever!

My mom wanted me to say to all of you who are out there reading this blog...from Maui to the East coast...and as far away as South America and Greece (we have also heard people are praying in Israel and Puerto Rico).
She wants to thank you for the incredible love and support that she has felt. Your cards, emails, presents, phone calls, blog comments, checks/cash, and your physical assistance too.
The help has been more than she could ever imagine. The Hope Chapel family and her clients have blessed her so much financially so that she is able to be here on Oahu with Kit not having to worry about financial responsibilities back home.
Another huge blessing has been Yuko taking over my mom's work responsibilities. She has her crew: Mele, Jen, Jamie, Dio, Marla, Janet, and Chris all working (some even donating their labor for her) to keep the business going. that is such a blessing to my mom.
My mom also wanted to say that when she and my dad used to teach school in Los Gatos, they became close with the Petulla family whose kids they coached. They are letting us stay in their beautiful condo right on the beach (near Diamond head). They are also letting us use their car. What a blessing!
My mom sleeps during the day while others (Buddy, Billy, Maisha, Dawn, Marla, Dickie have taken turns in the day-Joe, Karen and Craig came this past weekend)
Mikey and Shae arrive today for a short visit. My mom wants to thank Ed Sowers and Curt Franks (along with Lita) for setting up the Hawaiian Air miles that you have donated.
Last of all, my mom wanted to thank you for your prayers for Kit, and our family. People and churches are praying all over the world for Kit. The Body of Christ is precious to our family.
(sorry so's from my mom :-)
Love, the Lauers


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. Kit you look so strong and powerful in the pics that it's hard to believe the battle that's going on inside. We can still see that strength in your eyes and smiles.

Sounds like your healthy white cells are making a good recovery, let's keep praying to knock out the unhealthy ones with the next round.

I LOVE your long posts Maisha- try to gobble up as much info about your Dad as possible. Always so many medical questions but the details aren't very important. Love you lots.

Kenny Kepler

Anonymous said...

Still here
Still praying
Still Loving you
Still admiring all your courage
Still loving the way your embracing
Still will be here till the good fight has been won.
Love Jacqueline Kelley

Lisa said...

Wasn't able to meet with Jen, but we talked on the phone and will meet on Monday. I'm SO HAPPY the neutrophil count went up--hopefully it will double itself again in the next day or so.

Always praying,
Lisa E.

Joe and Karen said...

Thanks backatcha! You've always been there for us! Nobody gives like the Lauer Clan! We are happy to have a turn to give back!

Love you so,
Joe and Karen

Dio said...

That's not long at all coming from Shelly (ha ha)We know she can go on and on forever just to thank everybody (I can picture her going back and forth trying to remember everyone). I had people that never cleaned in their lives come to me and ask if they could help. We just wish we could do more, because we all know you would do the same for us and anyone that needs. It's just not fun work without you around. We miss you more than you can imagine. And we pary that you'll all come back soon, healthy and happy.
P.S. Shelly, you need a haircut, we can't see your eyes.

Dio said...

I meant PRAY.

Valeria said...

Dear we were praying for you with my son Jonathan and he said something really cute after the prayer.
He said:"-Mommy Pastor Kit is half healed!!
I said: say that again Jonathan: "-Mommy he is half healed because I'm praying for him in my Sunday School!!!
I thought that was pretty encouraging and from his heart!!!
We love you and we will continue to pray. God is faithful!!!
Valeria Strand

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit & Shelly,
When we see the two of you together in the photo it makes us feel happy.
Love, Gerry & Terry

Mele said...

Sweet Maisha,
Long blogs are good. We like all the details and praises. Life here at Hope is just not the same without you guys so everything you share keeps us connected.
Shelly it is my pleasure to help you as it gives me a sense of contributing to the cause and it brings me closer to you. God's working in all of us.

He is amazing.

Love you,


Liza's Eyeview said...

(sorry so's from my mom :-)

FUNNY, when I was reading the post I could almost hear Shelly talking :)

Love you guys :) - we love reading the updates and your thankful thoughts.


Craig Englert said...

It's not hard to come along side you guys because you are so easy to love. We all owe big time! Get well soon Kit and get back here to your church family. You are loved.

Craig Englert