Saturday, April 5, 2008

how your love sustains me

Day 11 -feeling very good, no nausea etc...I am eating well, everyone is surprised at my "good" fact I would be in "perfect health" if it wasn't for the cancer (minor detail..ha..ha) The main thing to pray for remains the same ...we want to see -0-zero-cancer cells in the bone marrow test on tuesday (pray your little hearts out for me!)

We know that God is love and we are sustained by the power of His love...but God does an unusual thing, He choses to express His sustaining love through the love of family, friends, and the Body of Christ. I expressed to my 83 year old mother just today, who by the way, is a cancer survivor herself, that her love for me expressed through prayer, encouragement, hope and just raw motherly concern for her child, was like driving a giant pillar up under a sagging foundation and lifting the whole house. All of you, praying for me, sending cards and letters and testimonies, your financial support, your care and concern for me and my family have litterally been like those giant pilliars rooted deeply into God's love lifting me spiritually and physically to a place of hope and new beginnings. This how your love sustains me:)

From the most greatful heart on earth! Love you all back----kit


Frank said...
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Frank said...

Hi Kit,
It is so good to hear that our prayers for you are being faithfully and wonderfully answered! God continues to teach our family so much through you and Shelly, Maisha and Mikey. You guys are such a blessing in our lives. Much love and aloha to all of you.
Tammy, Frank, Joshua, Christopher and Matthew Johnson

Anonymous said...

Aloha Pastor Kit:

God is so good and it's such an encouragment to us all to see you knocking out the "statics" thru the Word and answered pray! Thank you Jesus!! I (we) eagerly await your return home to Maui HEALED and made whole! I love you Pastor.

aka Leslie Johnsen

lorensaved77 said...

Aloha Kit
Wow what great news to hear you praising God for his faithfulness and answers to all our prayers for your comfort during the chemo..God is so Good!
Your strenth,your Godly example, is such an encouragement to us all. We love you so Much and know that God's plan for you will be a Great testamony to your Faith.
Many rewards for you in Heaven for enduring this challenge with the power of our Great Lord! Keep Fighting My Friend...
Love, Blessings, and Aloha,
The Loren Family
John, Nancy ,Jonathon & Michelle

Anonymous said...

We are praying our little hearts out for you! And Tuesday we'll even more. I'm going to try to fast starting midnight (I said try, because I'm just like Shelly, I can't see a piece of chocolate and not have it), I'm kidding I'll fast and pray and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Our faithful Father will answer our prayers.
We love you Kit, and we want you back here in Maui, and Shelly too. It's not fun not having her around.
Pretty soon you'll be the one saying "I'm a cancer survivor".
God Bless You!
Dio & family

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit

I'm so happy for your latest report, God bless. We are all praying for you and we will continue doing so till you are fully recovered and an back home.
Love you,

The Stricklands said...

Good news Kit!

You have changed our lives through your circumstances. Our whole family has fasted for you in different ways and prayed for you daily.

We will not let up,

The Stricklands

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,
I learned the news of your present situation just today, Saturday, April 5th. My heart truly goes out to you while tears stream down my face as I type this note to you.
God is sovereign nonetheless. What an incredible test for you to endure.
You can be sure that I'll pray my little heart out for you. I also already told Mike Robinson about what's going on as well. You'll be in our prayers.
I'm hoping to see you again dear friend. - John O'Donnell