Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My dad wanted to sign "I love you" but in case you didn't know sign language he also wanted to write it down :-)


Anonymous said...

Maisha & Kit,
What a great picture! Thank you so much for the daily comments as it helps to keep us connected and informed so we can pray daily for your needs. Kit, you are a tower of strength. Keep up the good fight and watch the power of the Lord! I can't wait for your comeback message!! We love you, Don and Laura

Dio said...

Maisha, please make sure you'll let we all know exactly when is this 14th day and what time they'll do the bone marrow test, so we can all stop and pray for your dad.
Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,
I would imagine there should be thousands of comments added to your blog daily because I know there's that many and more that love you, appreciate you and are praying for you. Karen and I are two of those. We love you Kit. God's speed! Maisha, what a blessing you are to your Dad to update. We're praying for your whole family.

Valeria said...

My Dear Kit
Aloha from Santos-Brazil
Just a little note to say how much I love you and that people in Brazil are praying for you. When I heard the news I knew in my heart that you would use every single minute of this
time to Glorify our Lord Jesus. May He continue to strenght you with His love and peace. Kit you still look so handsome!!!'re a sweet daughter!
God Bless you all,
Love you and miss you so much!
Valeria Strand

Anonymous said...

I recently heard the news that Kit has leukemia in a friends' bible study group. It is sad to find out that such a man of God has that disease. I am not a member of Hope Chapel but have attended a couple of his apologetics class and am grateful that I did. I was also a neighbor of his.
I would like to share something that I feel would be of interest. Prior to coming to his bible study classes I've read that there's an ongoing study, a phase III trial for stem cell transplant patients. It is a trial to rid of a virus that is said to be present in about 80% of the population. A virus that is not dangerous till an individual gets his immune system suppressed. And one of the patient group are stem cell transplant patients with leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy. This virus is cytomegalovirus. There's an SOC for this virus but one that has black box warning... that's why the search for new and safer drug is ongoing. Hence the phase III clinical trial.... (phase II results were very good)

Anyway I feel compelled that I share this with Kit and his family. That perhaps they could look into this and see if its a venue that they might take.
Here are the links...

the trial site ...

the company site...

God Bless and Aloha...

Liza's Eyeview said...

We love you too Kit!

Maisha, no we are never tired of hearing from you. You are doing a wonderful job of updating us so we can pray specific prayers.

Lita said...

You are an amazing man! Like Don & Laura said..."a tower of strenght". God has you surrounded by angels.

Maisha, thank you for all you are doing to keep us infomed. You are a blessing!


lorensaved77 said...

Kit you Look FABULOUS!!!
Maisha, thankyou for all your up-dates please don't stop! It sure helps to know what to exactly pray for and see what God does!
We love you too Kit! We pray for continued stregnth that only the Lord can give! Neh 8:10
Love,The Loren Family
John, Nancy, Jonathon,& Michelle

Anonymous said...

Aloha once more,
Looking at your previous comments I see that you are contemplating of going to California City of Hope. Well, I closely examined the sites of the clinical trials and indeed City of Hope is one of the trial locations. I don't know much of the arrangement but I believe that if you do enroll they will take care of expenses... to what extent I don't know. Here is the contact on that Hospital...

United States, California
City of Hope Medical Center Recruiting
Duarte, California, United States, 91010
Contact: Daniel Amoako 626-256-4673 ext 65089
Principal Investigator: Vinod Pullarkat, MD

Here's a news clip about the phase III clinical trials yesterday.. April 2,2008
FT Mergermarket reports the co's Phase III drug Camvia for the
prevention of cytomegalovirus disease may change the current
treatment paradigm in the stem cell transplant market from
preemptive therapy to prophylaxis, physicians told Pharmawire. CMV
is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in transplantation
patients. Both prophylaxis and preemptive therapy are used to
prevent the development of CMV infection after transplantation.
Controversy exists over which method, prophylactic or preemptive
therapy, is the optimal strategy to adopt for the prevention of CMV
disease. With the prophylaxis approach, antivirals are administered
to all patients for a period of usually three months after
transplantation. The preemptive approach exposes the least number of
patients to the toxic effects of antiviral agents, which is also
costly, but requires more frequent patient monitoring. Although
current literature suggests the prophylactic method is more
advantageous, many physicians have been hesitant to adopt this
therapy due to the toxicity profile of currently approved drugs.

God Bless and Aloha. I look forward to someday attend that bible study class again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit, I wanted you to know that you have a big prayer team at Doris Todd Christian School. Many teachers, staff members, and students attend Hope Chapel. It was great when I went in the 6th grade class yesterday at lunch time and the students included you in their lunch prayer. You are well loved and prayed for here!

Silvana said...

Dear Kit,

Just wanted you to know that you're in my heart and prayers. My mom just finished 6 months of chemotherapy,she had lymphoma. She's doing great and all the cancer is in remission. We have a BIG GOD and HE will do the same for you. Be encouraged, may the Lord renew your strengh daily. We love you, Silvana