Sunday, April 13, 2008

day 19-my dad had a better night last night. He is doing a cat-scan today...they want to take a look at his lungs regarding the infection. Please pray that it is clear. We would also like prayer that he would get better rest; he is exhausted at this point. Is is so difficult for him to rest.
Lastly, as I said yesterday, please pray that he would be rid of this infection so that he can start the 2nd round of chemotherapy.
Thank you all so much!!! :)


Anonymous said...

We prayed for Kit today at New Hope Church. Pastor Dwayne Betsill gathered us together to pray for healing for Kit and it was really powerful. It caused my faith to rise and trust the One who sits on the throne. We love you, Kit, and continue to hold you close to the Father's heart in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit,
I have only met you once when attending one of your series. I reside on Oahu now and I asked my Saturday morning fraternity brothers, 50 strong, to pray God's healing touch on you. We here at New Hope Oahu and Hawaii Kai, send our love and strength to you brother......

Lisa said...

Goodness I know exactly how it feels to not sleep at all at night...It is so hard to sleep in a hospital. I will certainly emphasize a restful night and lungs free from bacteria in my prayers. It is good to hear that you are feeling a tad better, though!

Mike Rouse fought a bunch of infections as well. In fact, he had so many that during the last two infections he refused to stay in the hospital. He would spend the night at home, have his wife drive him 30-45 min to City of Hope, get his IV of antibiotics and go back home.

I know He will take the infections away...We just have to wait until He knows it is the right time to take them away.

Always praying,
-Lisa E.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say hello and let you know we pray before bed and we pray when we get up and all day long for you and your family. Thank you for keeping us informed Maisha. It means so much to us! Our hearts are with you.
Big hugs with lots of love,
Lee and Renee

Anonymous said...


Brother, good to see you yesterday, it was a short stay but I enjoyed hearing your thoughts and the wisdom you had to give.

You look strong as ever and I am strengthened by your Christ like character.

I will be over again soon to soak up some more wisdom from you.

Finish strong!!

Justin K.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and family,

I wanted you to know that truly there are prayers around the world being said for you and your family.
I am writing to you from the west coast of Canada.
Tonight at bedtime my three children aged 5, 3 and 10 months
and I prayed for “Pastor Kit to feel better soon”.

Kit, seven years ago, my husband Cliff and myself sat every Friday night listening to you. It was your messages that moved us to laughter, to tears, and touched our hearts and souls. Your teachings reached us. After 30+ years on the planet we opened our hearts and declared Christ as our Saviour and began a personal relationship with God. You changed our lives forever. You and Craig baptized us at Kamaole 3 Beach. Our daughter, whose middle name is Hope, and two young sons are being raised knowing that God loves them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your passion for your work for our Lord.

We are praying earnestly throughout each day for clear lungs, for rest, and for healing for Kit, for strength and courage for your family.

Valerie Ryden

Anonymous said...

Kit and Shelly and Maisha
(mikey and shay too :)

You are in our prayers continually. oh how we love you. but then i think, it's because you loved us first.. remind you of Anybody??
I was remembering today Kit when we were in the Philippines, i was crying on one of the plane rides and you were so concerned and asked what was wrong and when i told you i missed pete you laughed and said, "Oh, well thats good!" and then you made me laugh.. and of course there's naphtali sleeping in your guitar case, or was it buddy's??? :)

i wanted to say thank you for doing this blog kit shelly and maisha. it is a great comfort knowing your heart and how to pray and also to read how much people love you and that we all carry this burden of your's together.
please give Kit a restful night sleep tonight Father. we trust him in Your Father hands. please please Father, take away the infection. You know where it is. by Your stripes we are healed. please give Kit one of Your stripes Lord Jesus. and one for the leukemia dear God. You are the Great and Mighty God and we worship You. now and forevermore. there is NONE besides Thee.
great big bear hugs to all of you!!!!
so much love,
carrie nichols

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lauer Family,
Thanks so much for keeping us informed. It means alot and is helpful in knowing what to pray. I pray you know how you all are loved and how much you mean to us. We read this blog and feel encouraged continue to "feed the sheep" and are being used where you're at. I hope you feel the love, hugs and prayer sent your way.
XO, Randy & Julie

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Kit,

You have been in my prayers daily and reading all the blogs has encouraged me more and more everyday.
I have thought a lot about the days when I lived on Maui. I remember biking West Maui with you and I was just completely exhausted, and you were biking in a circle around me singing songs. I kept telling you to stop but you wouldn't.;~) You helped me complete that journey that day. And today you are still encouraging me to complete the journey with Christ.
Thank you for always being there for me. And that goes for your whole family. Shelly thank you for your loving smile and words when I use to come over. I miss you guys so so much.
You ALL are in my heart and prayers. And I have ask others over here in Bend Oregon to pray for you all also.
I love you all. May you feel Gods healing hands on you this day.
Ben Anderson

Anonymous said...

I was reflecting on the pastors words yesterday at church in Cool, Ca. about our purpose in life, and it is to glorify God. You have been doing that in the public spotlight 24/7 since Good Friday. Wow, look at how many people you have touched through this illness, blessing them and bringing all of us closer to our Father through prayer and reading His Word. Thank You. Lynn and I read your blog every day and we are praying for you bro. Keep fighting, we love you, Shelly, Maisha and Mikey.
Paul & Lynn Zarubin

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Kit...
Your Friday night messages changed my life. You are an incredible inspiration to our church family. I believe that God will remove the infection and that you will soon receive your second chemo series, and I know in my heart it will give positive results. We are fasting and praying for you today.
With love and respect, Mark Claydon

Anonymous said...

I love you ' praying for you.

jenneau Marquez said...

God Bless My Brother

jenneau Marquez said...

love from Young At Heart

Anonymous said...

You do not know me, but your mother keeps me posted. I am a physical therapist in Greenville, TX and have grown to know Phyl over the past year or so. She exudes such a sweet spirit and strength, and lives such a FULL life. I know that if you have half the strength and joy she has then you will be alright. I pray for you, and hope to hear good reports from her.

<>< Terry

Carole said...

I agree with all these brothers and sisters who are praying and sharing with you. As I read these comments, I remembered a number of years ago, following a surgery, my dad,(now 88 years old) contracted a severe form of staph infection throughout his body. He was in intensive care flat on his back for 60 days. They did not expect him to live! My dad had his faith, as you have, and attests to his Great Physician Who brought him through the fire!
Although I can only imagine what you are going through, I have been unable to sleep in the hospital and I ask our Father in Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to
please put Your love, peace and joy into the subconscious mind and into the dreams of your son Kit, for it is written:
"In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone O Lord make me to dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

"The fear of the Lord leads to life,so that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil." Proverbs 19:23

"The angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear Him and rescues, delivers them." Psalm 34:7

through the blood and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and for His sake, amen.
We are with you in your travail,
Carole and Rico

Daniel said...

Dear Kit,
We are in prayer for and believing for your total healing. The Love and appreciation that we have for you is beyond words. If it were not for you I not only would not be a pastor, a father, and very possibly would be in the lake of fire. Your reward is with Him. When you recover we have to do that conference we spoke about a while back. You could preach and teach on the healing and miracles.

"By his stripes you are healed"

Daniel,Karen,Hannah and Danny Bracken and the Congregation of Kings Cathedral and Chapels

Anonymous said...

Kit-Jesse and I watched the video taken 7 years ago at the prayer breakfast at Hope Chapel.Joe Johnson asked Jesse to give his testimony and led the men to pray and lay hands on Jesse nine days before we moved to San Diego for Jesse to recieve a new heart.Many people here thought they had seen Jesse for the last time with his poor heart condition.Thru God using the dr's in Ca.a miracle happened and Jesse today does not need a new heart!!! I don't need to remind you how God has used Jess in so many ways here on Maui since we moved back 5 years ago!!!
I am reminded of that old Hymn-Victory in Jesus and that is my prayer for you!! Our hearts are full of love for you and your family as you all travel thru this adventure together,Joyce and Jesse

David said...

Hey Kit and Lauer family,

Just wanted to let you know Sally and I are praying like crazy for this infection to retract. Kit we love you and want you to know how much you mean to us. Shelly, Mikey and Maisha; we are praying for strength for you. Mikey I want you to know that if you need anything out here in Oregon, don't hesitate to ask! Also, Kit Sally and I reserved a front row seat for you at our wedding, looking forward to seeing you there!

Love you guys,
David and Sally

Anonymous said...

Uncle Kit I just want you to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I have always looked up to as a father figure in my life and as someone who has truly shown me who Christ is. The Lord has shown himself so much to me through the life that you live and I am wanting to come home to see you. You are in my prayers and I know that God has a mighty plan for this. I love you so much and I dont know how else I can express that to you!
Love Nitasha

Jenneau Marquez said...

Aloha Kit
Look at how many people you have touched through this illness, by bringing all of us closer to our Father through prayer and reading His Word as it should be. God’s giving is inseparably connected with our asking, and only by intercession can that power be brought down from heaven. This is why the power of prayer is so very important.
Physical suffering can test like nothing else especially when were experiencing the limitations of our body, and believe me I know this well. This is why we so desperately need to pray, trust, & know that God is in control. A hospital can be a lonely place as I well know, but it’s such a setting that God can quiet an anxious heart & give you the assurance that God has proven Himself faithful again & again in my life, as well as yours.. The last time I was in the hospital you came to see me & gave me great encouraging words. Then I was put in ICU after that & many people prayed for me from everywhere & some came to ICU to pray for me. The doctors told my children that I wasn’t going to make it, and who had the power of attorney to make the decision to take me off the ventilator. Well I astonished the doctors, and everyone one else when I was taken off the ventilator. It was a miracle, and a great opportunity to share with them & the staff about the effective fervent power of prayer.
I found joy and a grateful heart in God’s mercy knowing that He showed His love , and healing power in my life, and He will in yours. I know that God’s love & God’s hold on us are far greater than anything Satan can do to destroy it. It’s wonderful to see all the prayers & love poured out for you. It’s people gathering & coming together in pray, and the body of Christ taking care of it’s own. God is faithful my dear brother, and I look forward to see all that He is going to do in your life. God Be With You Love In Christ, Jenneau