Tuesday, April 15, 2008

day 21-my dad says, "the drs are continuing to work on the infection to try to get it under control so they can start the 2nd round of chemotherapy. today, I had a bronchoscopy (I have literally had every once of my body inspected with different procedures, and my organs are healthy...it's just the bone cancer) to try to flush out what is in my lungs and to analyze it. The procedure went well. They seem to have the first infection (yeast in blood) under control but they haven't dialed in on what is going on in my lungs. They have to wait for the cultures to come back and that could take a while. of course doing all this is necessary before starting the next chemo. so, obviously, the big prayer is that this infection in the lungs will be identified and cleared so that I will be strong enough to do chemo."

my dad wants to do his own blogs and respond to comments but he is too weak and can't do it.
we ask again that for the next few weeks he not have any calls or visitors.
Thank you for understanding and thank you so much for the love and prayers.
My dad loves you guys so much and appreciates you all!!
He want everyone to know that he listens to praise songs and is still declaring that our God is a mighty and awesome God and can deliver us from the mouths of lions. He also wants you all to know that he is praying for you.
love, Maisha


Lisa said...

We are praying and fasting on your behalf, Kit, Maisha, Shelly & Mikey, lifting you up to our heavenly Father all day long. May you be strengthened, healed, comforted, sustained, refreshed. We serve a mighty God!

lorensaved77 said...

We love you guys and will continue to plead with our Lord, Our Father, our Rock, to compleatly heal you Kit!
Maisha thankyou for being so diligent in writing the prayer requests! Shelly, is there anything we can do here in Maui for you...anything! Please let us help where we can.
Love and Many Blessings,
The Loren Family
John, Nancy, Jonathon, and Michelle

Josh said...
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Josh said...
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Josh said...

(sorry, i was having technical difficulties)
As my fasting acts as a catalyst for prayer, I can only wish that mere hunger pains were comparable to the extent of suffering you guys are facing. However, as the LORD continues his faithfulness, there is encouragement in our trials! I hope the following story is a sweet fragrance; a testament of God's goodness.

I've spent the entire day, other than my time in prayer, studying for my gnarly mid-term tomorrow. It just so happens that a girl in my study group is desperately searching for truth in a world of deception and confusion. Lauren, recently turned athiest after a few years of Christianity, mentioned that she hadn't had a cigarette all day. I empathized with her and said that I hadn't eaten yet (an easy transition into why immediately followed.) Without going into too much detail, the next hour was filled with my best efforts to answer her "roadblock" questions concerning the historicity of scripture and the nature of Christ, of which I owe any foundation of understanding to the great apologetic of Hope Chapel; I've only built on the foundation that Kit has layed in my recent college years. As a testament to the LORD's goodness, I can honestly say that many of Lauren's walls are beginning to crumble, and that a seed has been planted. She's agreed to open up her mind to new insights, I'm giving her "Letters From a Skeptic," but more importantly it seemed as though she is opening up her heart to let the LORD go to town. LORD give me wisdom in our conversations! Boy, does the LORD ever bring good out of crummy situations!

Kit, it may be a bit selfish, but I need you to stick around so I can call on you to help with my theological issues! The LORD is so good and I pray feverently that you will be healed! My heart is yours Kit. I love you.

Maisha and Shelly,
There is no obligation for any response. He will get this when he gets it. You guys are especially in my prayers to maintain your strength. The LORD has gifted both of you with joy and may you continue to be a source of strenth and joy for Kit. I love you guys with all my heart.

Lisa said...

Wow....to be in the situation you are in and still have energy to pray for US, the healthy ones on the other side of the blog, going about our day to day business...That is truly selfless. I hope in my dark times I will be able to do the same.

Always praying (tonight for rest and a quick return of the lung culture),

Lisa E.

Joe and Karen said...

Rest and get strong Kit. We love you. We are praying while you sleep.
We love all the Lauers,
Joe and Karen

Valeria Strand said...

My Dear Sweet Maisha...May God continue to give you strenght, peace and comfort in this difficult time.
You are a such special child of God!!!
Please let me know if you need anything or if I can send you anything from Maui.
Kit...God has said,
"I will NEVER leave you;
I will NEVER forget you."
Love you guys always,
Valeria Strand

Anonymous said...

Kit, God fufills His promises, you have the promise of Job. That which was lost, will be restored, that which was taken away, will be given back in full. The God you serve is mightier than this lukemia, and He has His hand upon you. He sees the cancer and He is going to heal it. Have faith, do not doubt. His grace is sufficient for you Kit. His grace is sufficient for you Shelley. His grace is sufficient for you Maisha.
Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, His grace is sufficient for you. Be faithful in prayer for your father. Believe, and do not doubt. God is preparing you for mighty things.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Kit, glad to hear you're listening to praise songs (I had no doubt you were) Worship songs are so soothing to our spirit and glorifying to God.

Don't worry about responding to comments - we'll keep on coming back here and checking on your progress - you keep on resting and get well. Maisha is doing a wonderful job of updating us.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, His grace is sufficient for you. Trust in the LORD in this time of testing, do not lean on your own understanding or strength. For though you are weak, He is strong, and He is faithful to His people. Let the peace of God guard your mind and heart in Christ.

Ron said...

Maisha, Thanks for doing this... Our family and friends out here are praying for you guys.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you from Tucson, Kansas city, Spokane or Seattle.

We will be monitoring this blog closely.

Anonymous said...

Maisha, His grace is sufficient for you. Remain in prayer, remain in worship, remain in the LORD. You are His, as is your father, your mother, and your brother. He will not forsake you. Trust in Him.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline Says,
Stay strong Kit we are all with you night and day we love you and you have so much to offer even in these times of testing. I am praying and fasting for your full recovery. We all know the Lord can heal this in a heart beat.And he knows your heart and soul. Miss you.
Jacqueline the camera lady

toni spence said...

Hi Kit, Toni here in Kanasas City MO - last nationals for Corey. You are never out of our thoughts and prayers where ever we are.

The twists in the road to recovery are many times difficult I know. Your support team is here for you, praying without ceasing for your healing in all its details along the way.

Maisha you are a great mouth piece for your dad. Love and rest to you all.


Janis said...

Hi Daddy A.
Janis here in Calif. visiting my daughter Laura and her family. Jerry is at home with the cat. We are linking our prayers for you across the wide ocean.
Last Sunday at Redwood Christian Fellowship I went forward for prayer for you, so you have another whole church lifting you up in prayer. It is so good to know we are connected through prayer even though we're far apart. Joined in Christian love with you...Janis and Jerry

Mele said...

Dear Kit,

I am reluctant to say what I feel on heart for I wish to remain humble in doing so. After I heard about your condition my heart told me to fast. So I started giving up certain things and foods that I love and turn to when I stress. My husband soon joined me and we both started to read more on the benefits of fasting and the different kinds of fasts. I share this because I wish to encourage others to join us as there is so much victory when you do.
As I pray for you and for all the many areas in my own life and in my family, I will trust in Him.

We love you Kit!