Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm so glad that my dad was able to write to you himself yesterday. I am writing for him again today though. I am currently in Maui, but have been talking to my mom so I know what is going on. I go back to Oahu on tues.
The good white blood cells are not going up in number (they are somewhere around 300-400). It is possible that the bad white blood, or cancer, cells are crowding them out.
The doctors want to start chemotherapy tomorrow since it seems that this is as good as we'll get.
His liver did not show any of the fungus infection and there are still the same spots in the lungs, but they have not gotten worse.
We would love for everyone to pray that my dad will, first of all, make it through the next round of chemo. It will be more taxing on his body and he is not going into it as strong as the last time. But, like my dad said, we have chosen an agressive stance on beating the cancer. Second, we still have hopes that the cancer will be killed this time and that he will be able to have a transplant.

The Lauer family is still declaring that God is good..."as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD!"

Thank you all for everything! love, Maisha and the rest of the Lauers


Anonymous said...

hey kit,

just thought i'd tell you that they shared with the kids at awana's one week that you were in the hospital and my 7 yr. old, sam, has been praying for you every night since. he wants you to "get good. to get better so he can get up." :o)

amy jordan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so faithful in keeping us connected when your Dad is unable to write.
Your message again yesterday was amazing, in all you are going through that your concern is for all of our relationships with the Lord. The impact of your strength and faithfulness in this trial goes so much deeper than you can imagine and reveals the power of His Spirit through you. I'm sure God is saying "well done, good and faithful servant". My 87 year old mother wanted you to know that she prays for you each morning as well. We pray that God's will is to reveal His healing power through you that goes far beyond what human hands can deliver. God bless you and all of your family!!
We love you....Don and Laura Roll

Ron & Barbara said...

Kit, Shelly, Maisha and rest of the support,

We ditto Don & Laura. Couldn't have said it any better and along with our 87 yr old parents, are praying for all of you constantly. Your faith and attitudes are ministering to our hearts.

love, Ron & Barb

jerry said...

hey kit my brother..
rosemarie,mia,myself,shirley and her church members,sue and her church members are all praying for you to make a full recovery! we all love you and are looking forward to getting together in the near future.i don't know of a better fighter so hang in there! we continue to pray that the Lord's strength and power delivers you through this trial!
the simons

Mele said...

Hi Kit,

Just tucked my daughter Nani in bed and you were at the top of the prayer list along with Sam's dad. We are holding you up this week for sure.

Sleep well,

Mele & Ohana

Anonymous said...

we will be super praying for you this round.
dear Father, may kit have Your joy and it be incredible strength for this new part of the journey.
oh Father, shelly and maisha too. please protect him, surround him and delight in him Father. may Your will be done and Your kingdom come in kit's life as it is in heaven. we trust You together and beg of You for his life all at the same time. You are our God. we want no other.

much love
many hugs,
the nichols love the lauers!!!

michael, ciara & mikaela said...

Uncle Kit,
This worship song today stuck in my head and is a continuous prayer for you: "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, we will wait upon the Lord...Our God He reigns forever...Yo do not faint, you wont grow weary. Your the defender of the weak, you comfort those in need, you lift us up on wings like eagles.....Our God, You reign forever. Our hope, our Strong Deliverer!

We love you soooo much,
ciara, michael and mikaela

Janet on Maui :) said...

Good Monday morning Kit & Shelly,
Praying for you in this continuing battle as you start a new week. God's people are still holding up your arms, we all love having the privlege. Shelly check your phone for some baby pix of Kathleen & London Autumn. They will bring a smile to your faces. We missed you. Thank you Maisha for keeping us updated and hope you got a good rest at home. Praying for the armor of God to win the battle this week when you begin chemo Kit. Sunday Jan taught about JOY which you have in spite of your trails....Jesus Others You
Hug each other from me :) Janet

Liza's Eyeview said...

We're praying...

solange said...

Well dear one, you are so full of His spirit. Your words are loudly heard because you are opening yourself up to Him like never before. God is singing praises to you because you are His "good and faithful servent"
Know that the generation you spoke of March 7th is lifing you up in prayer and is rising up to God's calling. You are much adored ;-)
We pray that His supernatural rest be upon you all


Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,

I am sitting here in the chemo treatment center at Stanford. We started today. But yesterday an old friend of mine called and we talked about running in distance races and how we had to push even when we didn't feel like we could. As we were talking I started thinking about you and how you've mentioned on more than one occasion you were a wrestler. I always respected the mental and physical strength wrestlers had. However, I'll bet there were times you thought you couldn't go on but then you dug down deep and pressed on, pressed beyond what you thought possible. You and I don't know each other that well but I do know you were one of those annoying guys that never gave up.

We pray for you and your family every day and know that you are digging deep and sinking in to our loving Father.

Love, Mike and Susan