Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new wednesday update

It's me again :-) I'm here with my dad right now taking over for Buddy and Billy.
My dad is actually having a fairly good day today. He has no fever at this point but sometimes the fevers spike at night. Please continue to pray that the fevers decrease and that he doesn't get any new infections. Thank you so much! I hope that you all are not getting tired of hearing from me.
My dad wanted to include a scripture:
Isaiah 41:18-20
I, the God of Israel, will never forsake them. 18I will open up rivers for them on high plateaus. I will give them fountains of water in the valleys. In the deserts they will find pools of water. Rivers fed by springs will flow across the dry, parched ground...20Everyone will see this miracle and understand that it is the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, who did it.
My dad also wants to reiterate that the next 7 days are the most critical because, as I stated before, on day 14 or 15 of the bone marrow will be tested and the cancer needs to be in remission for him to go on to the next step (bone marrow transplant)
Maisha (and Kit :)


Anonymous said...

The Whisper

" They see ME - Not You "

I saw the most glorious thing!

Where once were the darkest clouds, they parted and not a cloud could be found from north to south, east to west.

And the coating of His glorious presence FILLED THE LAND as far as the eye could see, and I heard HIM whisper;

Behold; the time is NOW, the fruit is ripe, the vine is green, and the lamps are lit awaiting your footsteps for behold;

I have planted with you, I have watered with you and NOW, I shall reap with you for the field is white and full of flowers and fruit of every kind

For though you have questioned and wondered;

Is it too late? Did I miss it? Am I too old? Did I misinterpret it or go the wrong direction entirely? I say;

No, you did not miss one second!

You are exactly where you are and My glory NOW fills this place you stand in.

For though the world does not understand behold;

I call you MINE!

For you have always been mine and will always be mine.

Worry not. Question not how all these things shall come about. It is I that bring them about.

For it is in the NOW, that I move you and GREAT shall be the harvest.

Behold; this is the day, the NOW, I speak to you in, the NOW I love you in, and you and I shall go on forever and ever and ever and ever and there shall be NO END . . .

Be encouraged, and let nothing stop you!

You walk in My presence and no devil in hell or on earth dares stand before you . . .

For they - see ME - not you!

Joe and Karen said...

Thanks so much for writing Maisha. We never get tired of hearing from you...we're basically hanging on every word! So keep on writing! It keeps us connected!

It was wonderful to see a picture of your dad. Kit, you look fantastic. What strength you have.
Our love and prayers...
Karen and Joe

Lisa Bryant said...

There are over 150 visits to this blog every day! That means everyone is anxiously awaiting your posts. Keep 'em coming :) ~Lisa B.

Patti Franks said...

As I read your latest update, I thought to myself, "Oh, Maisha, no way are we getting tired of hearing from fact, we're hanging on every word." Lo and behold, Karen and Joe had written the same thing!

Thank you so much for keeping us in touch through your posts. You are letting us know the specific ways we can pray, and we are seeing those prayers answered before our very eyes. God has already used this to touch many hearts...draw us closer to Him...and draw us closer to each other as a body. There was prayer at the church for Kit and your family early yesterday morning, last night and today at noon.

We love you and we'll keep on praying!!
Patti F.

Dio said...

I can't wait to come home every day after work to open this blog and see the latest news and what I should be praying for. I don't want to be calling Shelly everyday to ask for news, I know is overwelming for her, she's probably getting to many calls, so Maisha, please keep writting to us. And it's great to see pictures of Kit smiling and showing the Lauer Power!
We love you and miss you!
Dio, Ubi, hafa, Leo and Ana.

Anonymous said...

I join with the others who are so grateful for the news you provide, Maisha.
It is wonderful to see Kit "keep on keeping on". There is light at the end of this tunnel.
Our prayers, support and hope for a productive day go out to you all today.
Aloha, Lynne and Chad

Anonymous said...

Ditto Dio, This is the most amazing way to be informed and to hear the follow-up and continually see the answer to prayer. We love hearing from you Maisha, and everyone else who can give us the moment by moment praise and prayer needs for Kit. You know how much we love you guys. Kit you are continually in our prayers!
Love, Pierre & Cari

Anonymous said...

We also come here a few times each day to find out how Kit is doing... thank you so much Maisha! Kit you look great - thank you for the photo and your love. We pray constantly for you and your family.
With much love to each of you,
Lee and Renee

Carole & Thom said...

You guys are awesome for allowing us to share in this most difficult time in your lives.

We think of you so many times a day and pray for you with each thought. Your pictures are great, Kit, they keep us from missing you so much. If we can see and talk to you we know you're okay! Every time I think of you I see The Lord sitting beside you with His Arm around you. You are that special.

We love you very much and feel your love back to all of us out here holding you up in prayer.

Love to all of you,
Carole and Thom