Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Lord has graciously given me enough strength to speak to you directly today. My first thoughts are all about your love and concern for me and my family. Your generosity has enabled my wife, Shelly, to be by my side here at Kaiser Moanaloa on Oahu. This has been a precious gift to me from you and for that I am forever thankful. "...two are better then one, for when one falls the other can help them up..." Ecc. As you know, we have taken an aggressive stance with the acute case of leukemia that I have. I could have decided to go home, receive some blood transfusions for a few months, but eventually, barring a miracle from God, go quietly into the night. But, collectively, we have all felt that the Lord can still use me...that 60 is to young to just lay it we have taken the aggressive stance of a cure. Statistically, the only cure for what I have is Chemo/bone marrow transplant. As we all know by now, our first round of prayers that the initial chemo treatment would kill the cancer cells was answered with a disheartening "no." But, we have since rallied to attempt a second chemo treatment. The only problem has been a delay because of infection common to the reduced state of the bone marrow immunity production due to the has been a battle of a lifetime, the depths of suffering to which I could not do justice with words. At each level of suffering, I found the Lord as my ultimate comfort, "...for when I am weak then HE is strong..." 2 Cor. I have come to the end of myself, yet as promised, the Lord has continually renewed my spirit. When we come to the end of ourselves, then we discover the faith hidden deep within our soul, a faith that has had years of a deep trusting relationship of the love that God has for us in Christ. My advice to all, is to continue laying your foundation deep into the ROCK, who is the lover of your soul, Jesus Christ, the living God, who gave his life for ours. My hope is in Him. Whether I remain for Him here on planet earth, or He takes me home, my life is in His hands. Today I will take some more tests to see if I am strong enough for the second chemo treatment.

My prayer needs are:
1. I would increase in neutraphyls
2. I would be healthy enough for the chemo induction
3. The 2nd chemo treatment would send the cancer into remission
4. I would be able to move toward the bone marrow transplant and being cured.

Regardless of the direction all this goes, I want you to know it has been my great pleasure and joy to serve the Body of Christ at Hope Chapel all these years! I pray for your continued growth in Christ, as you seek the knowledge of the Lord and as you serve Him with your lives.

To all my family, loved ones and friends, ...the sharing of your lives with me has been my life...I appreciate and love you for the unique creation God has made you to be, your laughter, concern, prayers, thoughts, your unique expression has enriched, fulfilled and really made my life experience absolutely wonderful! I am forever indebted to you for the life you have helped give to me. With absolutely sincerity of love and respect for you I run the course that God has set for my life with hope that I bring Him glory. For in Him is the gift of eternal life.

With great love and appreciation for all you continue to do for me and my family, I humbly thank you with all my heart!



Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Kit we are still praying for you! So glad to hear your words today. You have brightened my day. God is doing such an amazing work in you still today. We love you and hope you keep fighting till it's beat! Love Nicole Aboudaher (Barrera)

Anonymous said...

Man, what a wonderful word. Kit, you truly have been amazing through this whole journey. It is so clear that God is so alive and close to you in all that is going on in your life. Your words, the journey, the blogs have been a tremendous faith builder in so many. God is truly being glorified through this, and we continue to believe and stand with you in prayer. Thank you! Love. the Coetzee's

Anonymous said...

love you uncle kit!!!

love sash

Anonymous said...

IT IS SOOOO GOOD to "hear your voice"...thank you Kit! We echo what the Coetzee's wrote! Thanks Be To God! May He rain down His love and peace on you.
Love you,
Lee and Renee

Shane & Lita said...

We praise God for the strength HE continues to give you. Even through all of this, you continue to inspire and encourage us. Your words are spoken directly from HIS lips, and HE gives you HIS breath everyday so you can continue to do HIS good works! We wait patiently on God and continue to stand by you in prayer.

Much Love,
Shane & Lita

Joe and Karen said...

Dear Kit....we love your words, your faith, your surrender, your perseverance, your hope. What a gift you are to us. You embody the Apostle Paul's words when he said, "I have learned to abase and abound, to be content with whatever my circumstances are".
Thanks Kit.
Love you lots, Joe and Karen

Dio said...

Now I'm crying (again!), And you're totally right, 60 is tooooooo young, you have a lot to teach us, specially after this journey. We keep praying and praying for you every minute of the day.
Luv U!
P.S. I just come back from Janet's house for Pat Barrera's daughter baby shower and we all prayed for you. Me missed Shelly!

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Kit
You encourge and inspire even from a hospital bed! You truly are an example of "a GODLY Man"
We all admire your stregnth,and your peace that we know only can be directed from our Lord.Thank you for your words...They mean so much to many of us here at Home. Happy you had the stregnth to write today! We all have a course set before us, and by your example of how to run, is quite an inspiration, and YES you truly are giving God Glory!!! Thank you my friend!
Love the Loren Family
John, Nancy,Jonathon and Michelle

michael, ciara & mikaela said...

Dear Uncle Kit,
You are such a dear gift to us, and cherish you! Your heart is the heart of Christ and such a wonderful gift to so many. We LOVE you more than words could ever express! Our biggest hugs & kisses!!
~ciara, michael and mikaela.

p.s. mikaela loves to pray and hold hands. such a precious gift.

Ron & Barbara said...

Thank You Kit. We cherish the times we have been together and look forward to more. Your steadfastness at this time is faithbuilding.

love & hugs from us here in Lynden, Wa.

Mele said...

Dear Kit,

It was as if I was sitting in the front row at church as I read your words. You are my hero and yes I will agree in prayer for all your requests. Words can't express all that you have done for me as my pastor. Keep on blogging!

We love you,

Mele & family

Gavin, Jamie and Kade said...

We Love you!!! Your words have pierced my heart forever, your teachings have taught me how to live the way Jesus wants us to live and your heart beats for him, each breath is his and your tears remind me of his blood shed for us, so that we can have eternal life and live forever and ever. His love flows through you and onto others and you have been the example to me that his love remains, even when everything falls apart in just a moment. Uncle Kit keep fighting, you are such an amazing man of God and I will never forget what the Lord has done because you have made his word so real in my heart. My heart will continue to beat for him just as yours does and remember to let him carry you through this just like a baby, embrace your wife for she is so precious. Every moment we pray and God is so faithful!!! You have too much left to do here on this earth, keep fighting and keep your mind strong. Always listen to your heart when making decisions, miss you so much it hurts. Lots of Hugs from the Fujioka's.

Steve MacDonald said...

Dear Kit,
thank you for sharing your heart with us. I thank God that He has given you the strength to fight and now write to us these beautiful words. As so many have, I'm sure, I've been thinking so much of you lately and praying for you. I want you to know how much God has ministered to me through your life and friendship. The Lord has used you in some very special and significant moments of my life and for that I'm ever grateful. I continue praying for you Kit and asking God for full healing and restoration in your body. You are such a light for the Lord and you are bringing him glory. I love you and miss you. Stevie Mac

dannylem said...

Dear Kit,
what a joy to hear from you directly...As I read your blog outloud to Danny the thought came to me how when we suffer, when we are truly tested what is really inside of us comes to the surface....Brother you are the real deal!!!!!!!!! You do bring great honor to HIM and HE sees that. We all do. I only hope that kind of depth would be shown in all of us!!! Pour your grace on our friend dear Lord!!!!!!
we love you!
Linda (and Danny too) Lehmann

Anonymous said...


Mary and I remain committed to praying daily for your recovery

Mike & Mary Knowles

bob said...

I am blessed and amazed how GOD chooses to take ordinary people and transform them into extraordinary saints. Just in case you were wondering I am referring to you!!!

I love you Bro!

Mary Frances Mc ALL said...

Kit, Shelley, Maisha, Mickey.
Through all the year and tears you give all the Glory to God and still inspire us all to do the Word and 'Come un to Me" We send our deepesy love and glad tidings He is our HEALER Love you. ALL in Christ, Mary McALL, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Kathy Englert said...

Kit you just gave us the greatest word here.

Lay your foundation now.

What inspiring words. Words born from experience from one who has laboriously laid a deep and strong foundation. Thank you for your constant encouragement. We love you dearly and I pray we all will work hard on our foundations.
Kathy and Craig

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelley and Family
As my head hits the pillow each night the Lord whispers "tell me your prayers for Kit" and as I awake He whispers " I am waiting to hear your prayer for Kit".
I talked with my sister in Kansas City this morning and her church, Olathe Community Church, is asking how is Kit doing? The body of Christ is a precious gift that we are privileged to be a part of. Your words to us are from that sweet place of fellowship with our Lord that you have been deemed worthy to be called to and now from that sacred place you build us up!
Standing in prayer for your healing and return!
Love. The Apo's

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit, Shelly and Family,
Kit, thank you so much for your wonderful, encouraging words of wisdom. You will fight to the end... and yet, there is never an end with Jesus Christ! "We can Only Imagine" what LIFE is like with Him. He is by our sides now, but seeing His face and being in His presence is what True Life is all about! Your strength, perseverance and hope have been a witness to us all--to people all over the world! You are a disciple through all of this... the Lord is proud... and smiling :-). We love you deeply and send our love, hugs and kisses. I hope to dance, sing and rejoice with you soon... whenever, wherever and however the Lord chooses.

Love to you all,
Kevin, Kelly, Kainoa and Keahi
(The Bonsell Bunch--AKA Kepler)

Kathie said...

Dear Kit and Shelly:
I love you both so much and I am glad that Shelly is now able to stay with Kit by his side.
What an awesome and amazing network of friends you have!
Kit, I am so elated that you are getting stronger everyday and believe that the power of the love and collective prayers that are for you and always surrounding you will carry you through this journey. Know that you are a treasure to everyone you have touched!
Love from your neice, Kathie

Anonymous said...

Well, Kit, since the Lord hasn't said to stop praying for you, and He is leading you on to more treatment and indicates to you, and others, that He isn't done with you...added up, I'd say that looks like a trend...
Love you, praying for you, and Shelly and Maisha and Buddy, all your family,

james taylor said...

kit...You are such an amazing man of God!!!I am totally blessed by your words,actions and thoughts....To comperhend how you are still in Gods will is,just that,uncomprehendable.I am still praying for a complete reacovery and rest and peace for everyone involved in this unforseen test.I love you and all affected by your mission.James taylor

Anonymous said...

Pastor Kit:

This morning your presence was very strong at Hope Chapel as the worship team sang Mercy Me's "Jesus send the rain" in your honor, to us. Wow!
Daily I continue to lift your name in prayer to our loving heavenly Father Kit. Your name resounds the heavenly's and shakes up the dark places. Cannot fathome your first Friday night preaching Pastor. Will be earth shaking, as demons tremble in fear and we, the saints, rejoice.. celebrating loudly in our Praise and worship to the mighty God we serve! Is your hair white like Moses?? Just kidding.

Anyway, you are correct Kit when you said, "collectively, the Lord can still use a 60 year old and he's not done with you yet". Amen! Until we see you again,
love you, Freckles

Liza's Eyeview said...

It's so nice to read your post Kit. May the Lord bless you and heal you and make his face shine upon you.