Thursday, April 10, 2008

Test Results...

This is very difficult to write...but it looks like it hasn't been done I will do it.  Many of you may already know by now, but the first round of chemotherapy did not really do anything in the bone marrow.   the blast cells in the blood were being killed off...but not in the bone marrow which is the source.  my dad's chances are now more like 30%.  I believe he has decided to do another round of stronger chemotherapy starting in a couple of days.  The doctor told him that if you have greater than 20% chance, you should go for the chemo.
thank you so much for all of your prayers.
With a broken (but still prayerful) heart,
Maisha and the Lauers


Lisa said...

An excerpt from an email I sent to Jen and Stacy, Maisha:

"Just thought I'd share the news so we can all continue to pray for Maisha's dad (Kit)--pray that the doctors can finally get the infections under control, that Kit will be strong enough to go through a second, more taxing round of chemo, that a second round of stronger chemo will finally get rid of the cancer cells, that Maisha, her brother Mikey and her mother Shelly stay healthy so they can be at Kit's side throughout this process, that all our prayers will lift Kit up to God so God can comfort him, that God continue to be a reassuring presence for their whole family.

Maisha, my prayers are especially for you--you seem to be the family focal point to distribute information about your dad, posting on the blog, being the strong one for your mother....I pray that you have someone you can lean on during this time--someone to talk to, to cry with, to pray with....You are an amazing daughter and I know your dad is proud of you!!"

I will continue to pray whenever I have down time. I can't imagine how heavy your hearts must be right now...But God is there to comfort you all and give you rest. If there is ANYTHING I can do from the mainland (phone calls, emails, etc) please let me know.

Your father is a fighter and isn't ready to give up yet---and I think that's a wonderful sign!!!!!

--Lisa E.

Anonymous said...

I believe along with you, Kit, with what you said a couple of days ago..."I believe more firmly each day that God is moving toward a complete healing. He has given me visions of specific plans and jobs He has for me in the future here on planet earth."
I will stand with you and believe with you and fight one more round with you. We still have the God of all Hope on our side and He isn't finished with you yet!

Much Love & Many Prayers,


Bradley & Liza said...


I left a comment on Kit's post just before this. Refuse to lose. Keep looking up. We are all holding you up in prayers. We love you all so much.


Anonymous said...

Kit and family(s),

The Keplers ache for you today. We are commanded to not be discouraged. But at times like this, it is difficult for all of us. As Jacob wrestled with the LORD so, too, do I at times, and perhaps you.

We pray for understanding, perseverence, and freedom from infections for you and all the Lauers.

We lift up your physicians that God might grant them wisdom, and your nurses and all healthcare providers that they may see and know the LORD through you.

Cassie and I continue to pray for a suitable marrow donor.
Kenny, Cassie, Josh, and Pohaku (stone/rock as in Peter)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Kit,
It is not only Hope Chapel that is standing with you, many other congregations are also sending out your blogs to their intercessors. (I am from Grace Bible) One young woman from Japan who is attending our congregation has a heavy burden for you & asked that I forward this to you: (her name is Niko) "Would you mind forwarding Hope Chapel and/or Pastor Kit my prayer, if it you think would encourage them? And please advise me if there is any specific points I can pray for.
I prayed and keep praying for;
1. Complete healing for Pastor Kit. --- God has already shown us many cancer survivors, which is awesome evidence of His healing power. I pray that Pastor Kit will be one of these wonderful examples.
2. God shows His presence even more to Pastor Kit in his physically difficult time so that he can regain energy in Him.
3. Peace and strength for his family.
4. Financial blessings for his treatment.
5. Wisdom and encouragement for Hope Chapel leaders during Pastor Kit's absence."

You are loved, Pastor Kit, even though we have never met you. May God pour out Liquid Love on you!

Anonymous said...

Kit, Maisha, Mikey and Shay,
I am doing a study on the book of Daniel and I read this the other day, I thought of your fight and wanted to share it with you.
"Don't accept defeat if what you're standing for is consistent with God's Word and His ways. Persevere, believing God. Ask Him to fight for you and to show Himself mighty!" -Beth Moore
Beating the odds are God's specialty, it's a way he often proves to me that He can do the impossible.
Clint and I continue to lift you up in prayer. I am aware that everyone has probably offered this, but if there is ANYTHING that we can do for you guys, it would be our honor.

For nothing is impossible with God.
Luke 1:37

Much Love,
The Smith Ohana (Clint & Taylor)

Anonymous said...

Maisha & Pastor Kit,

Lynne from Kaiser Optical said, "let Maisha know that she and Kit are in my thoughts and prayers. I know them both from when I worked at Kaiser, so just mention Lynne from Kaiser Optical, and give them both my best wishes and love in Jesus. Thanks, Lynne

Keep believing! God hates cancer and He loves the Lauer family!

Lucy J. said...

Father in the Name of Jesus,
we acknowledge that you are able to take care everything that concerns us. Thank you for giving Godly discerning wisdom to those who are physcially taking care of Kit. May the many prayers spoke from our heart to yours bring forth the fullness of good fruit.

Our faith asures us that you have not yet finished, answering the prayers of our hearts for our Brother Kit and his family. Hope tells us that your time is not like ours and that no matter what Man may say you will have the last word and will be Glorified. In Peace we rest and trust that you are working all things out for Good.
Amen!.Amen!, and Amen!

Praise you Lord for giving us Psalm 23 that reminds us of our relationship with you and that you supply all that we need. You refresh and restore us with your healing power. You protect us from evil without fear, You give us hope and Blessings of abundance. Your scarfice gave us eternal life.

Thank You Lord....

BULLA808 said...

" when your body is tired exercise your mind, and faith"

" Every tear we shed is a lesson of strenght we recieve"


Bulla Tuzon