Sunday, April 6, 2008

Look around you!

Day 12: I am continuing to recover from the heavy chemo bombardment. Slowly, my body is bringing it's blood counts back up. I had another red blood cell transfusion last night, the Lord, as He has in each transfusion, kept me safe. My appetite is good, no nausea etc...your prayers are being answered and I believe more firmly each day that God is moving toward a complete healing. He has given me visions of specific plans and jobs He has for me in the future here on planet earth. I am not waiting around to be at work however, but as He is at work, so am I. I have had the opportunity to pray with and for most of my nurses, some of the aids and even my doctors. They are sort of stunned as they are transfusing me in the middle of the night, when I ask, "how can I pray for you?" of my nurses broke down in tears as she was suffering from the horrible image of discovering her sister- in -law in an attempted suicide, at the same time her son was in harms way in Afghanistan, another nurse was dealing with family problems, another her friend was fighting breast cancer and so the work continues. Just beneath the surface of every human, you will find a soul in need. We carry the gift of life in these earthen vessels (in my case a very broken earthen vessel) but regardless, we are to continue His work of love, care and compassion for others...especially the Jesus declared, "Look around you! ...Vast fields are ripening all around us and are ready now for the harvest."...and then I love this part; "The harvesters are paid good wages [Jesus says], and the fruit they harvest is people brought to eternal life." John 4:35-36 I can not possibly express in words the power of your love, care and compassion and prayers for me...for your love has lifted me up on wings of eagles and my spirit is soaring high with the Lord. Blessed be the name of the LORD!
Always in love with you,
kit (in very small, humble and broken letters)

The harvesters are paid good wages, and the fruit they harvest is people brought to eternal life.


Anonymous said...

Such an encredibly awesome report - one which lifts the Lord Higher and higher even as he lifts you, Kit, on wings as eagles. He is truly faithful in all circumstances. And what an answer to prayer for those whose patient you are - that in the midst of your trouble, you may minister God's love to them. Keep up the good work.
Aloha, Chad and Lynne

Fishers Of Men said...

When we are weak, He is strong.

I had a vision, a sensing, a knowing of His working of taking all things and moving them, touching them. Rearranging them.

All together, all at once.

I saw Him gently take our lives, and like clouds He wove them together, layering them, moving this one here, softly, and that one there.

And all things everywhere at the same time. Reforming, reshaping.

Time stopped. Suddenly! In an instant, all things were new.

So much He is doing. So much all at once. It makes my head spin to try to see it - to hold it. I cannot.

I cannot contain it. It is too great for me. He is too good, too magnificent. Such a mighty God!

I weep.

Who am I but a man? Who am I that I should even be allowed to feel His presence?


But slowly, what is this? Is this Joy? My tears turn into joy. Joy for the work of the Father. Tears of joy for the work of the Son. The Oil of Joy for my sorrow and ashes.

Then Joy bursts forth. It is not contained. No one can stop it!

Joy that He sent His Holy Spirit to be here with us until the end.

Joy for what He is doing in all of us.

Tears, tears of joy for what is and is to come.

When He came to you, He called you. When He called you, He gave you His Heart. His Heart for souls. His Heart of an evangelist.

This Heart does not waver. This Heart does not quit beating. This Heart resonates with the very Heart of all of Heaven.

And all Heaven rejoices as earth is touched. One by one, they are touched and forever changed.

No, we will never be the same. Not one of us.

Anonymous said...

What a modern day parallel to the Apostle Paul. Though you are imprisioned (in a hosptal and separated physically from those you love so much), you continue to fight the good fight, minister to those around you and you write wonderful letters to the church!

I am amazed and astounded at how GREAT our God is! Bless you Kit and may His love continue to keep you safe.

In the STRONG name of Jesus, be well!

Love you!
Kim Finney

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Kit
Wow! Words just can't describe what I am feeling after reading your last blog. The vision I had of you last week when I was Praying for you is actually coming to pass. I invisioned you leading many Doctor's and Nurses to Christ and now it seems you are fullfilling that vision.I never wanted to come out and ask if you had been sharing Christ with others because in my Heart I knew you were, but to actually read that you are, and many are being touched by your Godly example is so awesome! I too was put in that same position when Danielle was in and out of hospitals, and with the nurses in our home 24/7.Obviously if I had the choice, I would have shared the gospel in other venues, but that is not what God had planed for us.And to Know that you are being used to touch these people who might have never been touched with Christ's love... So I am thrilled to see that what Saten means for harm Christ is the Victor Here.God speed to you my Friend and of course, come Tuesday, we will be praying without ceasing for our Pastor, Friend, and Brother in Christ...To God Be The GLORY!!!
Love Nancy and Loren Family

Cheryl said...

Aloha Kit,
All I can say is, God is AWESOME and he has great plans for you. You are such an inspiration to all of us - you continue to teach us that we need to go beyond ourselves and touch the people we come into contact with.
Aloha, Mark & Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit, Your last blog was such an encouragement to me! There are always opportunities and you are not wasting one! And you continue to teach and remind us of our Almighty God in just what you write. I was reminded by someone very close to me how you love unconditionally (God's love)and it's evident in your reaching out to the people God is putting in your path. Keep up the good work and He will take care of you!
I love you, Nat

Anonymous said...

You are "the apple of my eye"... I am trying to see how the blog works... because people have asked how to respond.. so . .... this is my experiment to see. I love you. shelly

Anonymous said...


"The only easy day was yesterday"

Keep fighting bro! My daughter, Hailey, sees this as a win/win situation.

She told me

"Kit win's if he makes it."

"Kit win's if he doesn’t make it because he will be with Jesus."

Not are so honest!!

I personally would like you to hang around a while longer because there is still so much wisdom that you have to give. Although I have to admit, I had to listen to each of your Apologetics CD 3 time to fully understand it. Then I realized I was trying to put the sea in the hole!! Ha... Ha....

Keep up your strong spirit as God is developing your character right now.

Justin K.

Germaine said...

i love you more:)

Anonymous said...

good morning "miracle boy", I can just see you reaching out to the staff there, changing hearts and lives with the power of His Word and prayer... answered pray. What a COMFORT you are to the medical staff. He is a BIG God and your living proof. I was just sharing with someone at By The Book last week about you Pastor and your amazing journey and how I was confident you were not silent, but sharing to all who entered your room. :) Even in your trial you are reaching many, even many you've never met through your "blog" as we tell your story.

Tomorrow's the big day. I a wait a good report of ZERO Cancer cells!

Love you,

Mele said...

Dear Kit,

I had no doubt that those around you would be ministered to. You are such a blessing in our lives we can't wait to see the new Kit when you come home.

Looking forward to the good report.

Love you,


Debbie said...

Hi Dr. Kit -

What a testimony you are! I knew that, in spite of your situation, you weren't going to just sit idly by. What a blessing you were/are to the staff there.

I pray for you and your family every morning and can't wait to see you all again.