Monday, April 21, 2008

Those Fighter Cells

As you all know we've been praying for Kit's white blood count (his fighter cells) to increase. His count has been around 0 for the past 3 weeks. Today he had 200, which is a huge praise. Please continue to pray that Kit's white cells will increase. He needs to get up to 1000.

(posted for kit by lisa b)


Anonymous said...

Praise God for those white cells and what a blessing to see you up and walking around Kit! We're praying for you day and night. Betcha didn't know what a following you have - You are a star that's touched so many of us in so many different ways.
We love you and your wonderful family.

lorensaved77 said...

Guess were all in the army now! Recruting those Fighter White Cells!Praise God for the 200 today, may the Lord hear our Prayers to increase those guys in multiple ###'s to 1000!
We are Praying, Praying, And Praising!
Love & Blessings to you and your Family
Love the Loren Family

Joe and Karen said...

What good news!!! Thank you Lord. May the white cells be fruitful and multiply!!!
Love you so, Joe and Karen

Anonymous said...

Yaah Kit! Just keep on keeping on! I am so proud of you....a true wrestler. You know what I was thinking yesterday? You should have someone write down different sermon illustrations that occur to you during this process. My gosh, they could probably go on forever. I've always regreted not writing more of my student's comments over the years of meaningful and funny quotes. Anyway, it will be so cool to hear from you everything that was important and amazing while you were stuck in the hospital. Craig told us that you have never felt closer to God. That is so cool. The sermon could be called, "Something Funny Happened on the Way to Cancer Treatment." I know I'm being silly, but don't let these powerful sermons pass you by. We all miss you so much here. We need our Tigger back.

Much Love to You,
Vickie Hinton

Liza's Eyeview said...

Thanks for posting the good news Lisa!

Hey Kit - I'm happy dancing here! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

Go good white blood cells go!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and the Lauer Klan,
First I want to say thank you for keeping all of us up to date on your blog. I know at times it must be hard, especially when you have not heard the news you were hoping for.
Secondly, I want yu to know that you are in our thoughts always and that our prayers for you have increased daily. We are praying for rest for all of you. We are praying for Kit's lungs to heal and for his white cell count to go up. We are praying for comfort in knowing God's love for you. We are praying for your Dr's. That they are guided by God's hand in Kit's treatment. We are also praying for all our church family, here, in the mainland in canada that they keep lifting you up in prayer and never grow weary.
We Love You All,
Susan, Chris Haynes and Nathan Corbat

Janet on Maui :) said...

Hugs Lauer family , McManus ohana & anyone one else on Oahu :)
yea! it was a chicken skin day with the wonderful news about the jump in white blood cells!
God is good & full of surprises :) I will continue for the cells to multiply to 1000 quickly as you continue to fight the good fight. I know there was a huge army of prayer warriors praying last night for you. Natalie, Dio, Solange and Pat (Barrera) Snyder (all the way from Arkansas!) gathered together at my place and prayed our hearts out for all of you. God bless you all with good rest, nourishment and laughter today and tomorrow.....
Much love, prayers & hugs, Janet :)

Anonymous said...

Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. You are loved and we have the faith to pray and the hope to see God glorified.
We love you,
Don and Joy Gerry